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5 Industries That Will Thrive In The Future


Looking to carve out a life-long career in an industry that you know will be stable? Or perhaps you’re eager to start a business and you want to know which industry will offer the most potential for growth? Below are just five industries that could be worth considering.

Green energy

Countries all around the world are trying to move away from fossil fuels in favour of cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. This has paved the way for many green energy companies. Wind power, solar power and biofuels are some of the most popular energy alternatives that are thought to see huge growth in years to come.

There are lots of ways to get into green energy from becoming an engineer to handling marketing or accounting. You could even start up your own green energy business such as a solar panel installation company or biofuel company. 


The population is continuing to increase and there is a growing shortage of homes available. Construction companies will be needed to keep up with housing demands. Of course, it’s not just houses that will need to be built, but also extra hospitals and other community buildings. 

You could get into construction as a builder, an architect or a project manager. If you have experience in the industry, you could even consider starting up your own construction firm. 

Senior care

The senior population is also increasing as a result of people living longer. More care homes and private care agencies will need to be set up to provide care for the elderly.

You could try getting into this industry as a care worker or you could aim bigger and buy up your own senior care franchise. Alternatively, you could start your own senior care business. There could even be potential to combine the worlds of senior care and technology by working on new automation gadgets, which leads onto the next industry that is certain to thrive…

Tech automation/IoT

Big data is continuously being combined with algorithms to provide new means of automating machines and software. Tasks that are now manual may one day be able to be handled entirely by machines. IoT (Internet of Things) technology is opening up even more doors for this technology, enabling everyday items to be controlled remotely. While smart homes are now becoming more popular, the future could see the rise of smart cities in which everything from public transport to weather defences is automated. 

Programmers and engineers may be able to find a career in this industry. Such big tech businesses will of course need financial help and marketing support, allowing access for those who may not necessarily have tech skills. 


As new digital technology is developed, new cyberthreats are also certain to emerge. Consequently, new cybersecurity defences will be needed. This industry is already huge, but it is expected to continue growing long into the future. Could this be the avenue for you?

Programming and security know-how could be essential for breaking into this industry. Starting up your own cybersecurity business could be an option, but having a lot of experience under your belt may be necessary first.

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