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4 Tasks You Really Don’t Need To Be Doing Yourself

If you run a small business, you are more than likely juggling several plates, and dropping one or two more regularly than you would hope.   However, with the cautious use of outsourcing, this can be eliminated and give you more time to concentrate on aspects of the business to help you grow.   Many business activities can be outsourced in one shape or another, it is just about choosing the right ones to do. Here, we are going to look at some of the most popular ones.

IT Services

It is a big thing in many businesses. If the network goes down, or something doesn’t work, it can bring business to a halt, costing you in money and your reputation. The problem is that IT is so complicated that most of us have not got a clue about what we are doing past the basics. Instead of worrying about what you will do when you can’t get on anything or the emails aren’t sending, outsource your IT services. It will save you a great deal of stress, time and money when you let the experts take over.


Marketing is another significant element of your business, whatever field you are in. It is also one of the easiest things to get wrong. A lot of marketing in this day and age is digital, which means a lot of new opportunities and avenues have opened up. While this is a good thing, it also means that if you try to do it yourself, you can risk spreading yourself too thinly. Can you really produce regular, perfectly optimised content for your business website blog? Can you keep on top of your social media? What about your email list – how is that looking? That is not even beginning to start on the normal forms of marketing such as in-store advertising, billboards, radio and TV adverts.

Outsource it to a professional marketer. They can take your ideas and make them into something bold and big, and really get it out there to your audience.

Human resources

Recruiting new staff. Organizing contracts. Sorting out annual leave and maternity leave requests. Dealing with any disputes. HR is a big thing if you have employees, and it can be one headache too many to deal with. There are plenty of third-party agencies out there who can take on this role on your behalf so you can focus on doing what you need to do to make your business amazing. 


Data input. Arranging your diary, Making appointments and setting up meetings. Chasing invoices.  These are all tasks that are essential for keeping your business going but can also be incredibly time-consuming. Hire a virtual assistant to do this for you. They work in exactly the same way that a ‘real’ personal assistant would, except work remotely and on a freelance basis. 
These are four tasks that you really need to be doing to keep your business afloat, but are also better left to the professionals or a third-party who specialises in it, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

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