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4 Surprisingly Ways Covid-19 Makes Your Business Vulnerable

It’s not hard to see Covid-19 is a health risk. Working near each other means colleagues are more likely to contract and spread the virus, leading to the global pandemic that is before us now. To stay open, companies such as yours are trying to transition into remote-based entities where virtual meetings and instant messaging pick up the slack of traditional interactions.

However, the Coronavirus crisis is more than a health and safety problem. While you’re attempting to survive financially, people are searching for ways to exploit the situation for their own gains. And, organizations are falling foul of these traps.

With that in mind, here are four surprising ways you are at risk and the best solutions.

Increased Cyber Attacks

As abhorrent as it sounds, there has been a rise in cyber attacks since the outbreak of the virus. Check Point LTD’s research shows that domains that focus on Coronavirus are 50% more likely to be malicious. That means the chances of hacks such as phishing emails and ransomware are greater than ever before. Now that you understand the extent of the issue, the only option is to maintain a high standard of cybersecurity. The likes of INFINIT Consulting, Inc used managed solutions so that you don’t have to worry, affording you peace of mind.

More Weak Spots

One of the reasons that attacks are increasing is down to the transition from office-based processes to home-based ones. Not only is it hard to keep on top of everything the company has to do to stay safe, but you’re putting your trust in your workers’ houses. The team needs an internet connection to work from home, yet this is a backdoor to the firm’s server as the two are connected. As a result, you must create new policies that focus on cybersecurity outside of the workplace. From WiFi routers to email accounts, the weak spots need strengthening to ensure the business is protected.

Accessibility Requirements

Usually, you can limit who has administrator access in the office to the people who need it the most. Currently, almost every employee still being paid a wage will require access, which is a security threat. You can’t tell them no because it will severely inhibit their ability to do their job. What’s the answer? You can use what’s known as the ‘Four Eyes Principle’ to analyze what people are doing with their admin status and purge anybody who isn’t taking on new responsibilities seriously.

Fewer Back Ups

In a rush to avoid bankruptcy and sign up for the new scheme passed by Congress, your routine won’t be as thorough as before. Backing up data is a prime example. Let’s face it – you have more pressing tasks at the moment. It’s tempting to take this view, but the logic is flawed. The above shows you not only how vulnerable you are to attacks, but how willing thieves are to exploit weak spots. Therefore, you can argue that backing up data and storing it in a safe place has never been more integral.

Don’t you want to recover the majority of your data if you are hacked?

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