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3 Tips To Engage Your Remote Working Employees

Even before covid-19 became a global issue and meant that many businesses needed to switch to remote working, working from home was something that more and more employers were offering their teams. It makes sense. After all, if your employees are working from home, you can save money in your business by not needing to have an office space. Plus, the workers themselves are more at ease and happier to carry out their work as they’re in a comfortable space and no longer have to commute every day. It even makes them more productive in a lot of cases. 


If you have already made the switch to remote working, or it’s something you are considering for the future, you might be wondering just how to engage your remote working employees. If you want them to work hard and stay focused, how can this be done when they are spread out in different towns, cities, or even states? Read on to find out just some of the ways this can be done, and how you can implement these changes in your business. 



One of the biggest problems that remote workers have, even if they enjoy other parts of working from home, is that they don’t feel like part of a team. Without the camaraderie of being together in an office, some workers might start to be less productive or feel less like their contribution matters. This can be a problem overall, and cause a lack of loyalty or dedication. Morale can suffer too. 


This is why team-building is a good idea. You can implement this idea regularly, and whether you all meet up together to do a fun task or engage in discussions at a conference, or you do it online because everyone is too spread out or it is not yet safe to get together, as long as everyone is involved it can make a big difference. If everyone is working together to achieve a goal, for example, as is often the case on team-building exercises, then everyone will feel like a true part of the team. When they go back to work, even if they are working apart from one another, that good feeling will continue. 


Connectivity Tools 

A remote team still needs to be just that; a team. If people are working completely alone and individually, the impetus to push forward can be lost, and yet this is sometimes how jobs are carried out. Because of this, ensuring that your team has the right connectivity tools in place so they can always be in touch with one another is crucial. Some of these tools will cost you some money upfront, others work on a subscription basis, and others are free. It will depend on exactly what you want to use them for as to which one you want to use. 


Some offer you the chance to have just one platform that enables everyone to send messages, either to the whole group or to individuals, and this can be ideal. That way, everyone is connected at all times and can communicate as they would if they were together in an office. Whether working on a group project or individually, they can still all feel like part of the team. 


It’s best to stay away from software that directly monitors your employees, however. Although this will tell you when someone is working and when they’re not, it’s far better to put faith in your team and trust that they will get their work done by their specific deadlines. Micromanaging is uncomfortable and leads to a lack of productivity. 


Provide Training Opportunities 

Training is a crucial part of being an employer, no matter whether your team is in an office all together or everyone is working remotely. The more training you can offer, the happier your employees will be; they will feel valued and trusted, and they will want to work harder for you since you are giving them the chance to become better at their jobs or learn other skills. 


Finding the best sales team training can tick a lot of boxes. Not only does it provide training for all those who want and need it, but if it’s team training then everyone can be together, all learning at the same time. 


When it comes to engaging your remote working employees, training is at the top of the list. You’ll benefit too since your business will thrive with the new knowledge your employees have. 

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