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3 Things You Should Check About A Person Before Hiring Them

Hiring the right people for your business is key to your success, and any mistakes can cost you dearly. Finding somebody that has the right qualifications and experience is important, but you also need to make sure that they are reliable and that they don’t have any difficult issues in their past that could affect their ability to work. Even if somebody seems like the perfect candidate on the surface, you can’t always tell what they are actually like, which is why you need to check them out thoroughly before you make your decision. These are some of the things that you should check before hiring a new employee. 

Their Employment History 

Checking somebody’s employment history isn’t just a good way to get an idea of their experience, it can also tell you a lot about the way that they work and how loyal they are likely to be to the company. It’s important that you retain your employees for as long as possible because hiring new people is expensive and time consuming, and team members that have been with you for a long time will be more productive because you know the job. You should pay attention to how long a candidate stayed at each job in the past because if they always leave after a couple of months, that’s not a good sign. If they have been fired from jobs, that’s a bad sign as well. 

Their Education 

A lot of employers don’t expect people to lie about their qualifications but it does happen. Candidates may exaggerate their grades or say that they have taken courses that they haven’t, so it’s important that you check before hiring somebody. There are companies like Record Retrieval Solutions that can get hold of college records for you so you can double check that the candidate has the qualifications that they say that they do. If you don’t check, you could end up hiring somebody that is completely unqualified for the job. Seeing a detailed breakdown of their education history will also give you some insight into other skills that they might have, which could be relevant to the job. 

Their Criminal Record 

A criminal record check is one of the most important checks that you need to make because you need to make sure that the workplace is safe for you and your employees. If somebody has a dangerous past and they have been convicted of a violent crime, that is a big red flag and you don’t want that person working for you. You should also look for any history of theft of any kind because employee theft is a bigger issue than people realize. You don’t necessarily need to immediately write off a candidate if they have a criminal record because people can change, but it’s definitely something that you need to know about before you hire somebody. 

You can’t afford to make mistakes when it comes to your business, so make sure that you check these things before hiring any new employee. 

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