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3 Reasons Why Your Employees Hate Mondays (And What You Can Do About It)

For you, Monday is the start of a brand new week that’s brimming with promise. Every Monday is an opportunity for you to approach the week from a new perspective, implementing new ideas and being proactive in your operations. Monday means you’re one week closer to achieving your business and personal goals. Yet, for your employees, Monday mornings are the most dreaded part of their week. They arrive at their desks weary and apprehensive, clutching their coffee cups for dear life, and wincing when the phone rings. While you may not share their lack of enthusiasm for the first business day of the week, it’s in your best interests to understand it. Because getting to the bottom of why they hate Mondays could reveal some operational and cultural changes you could make to improve employee satisfaction, boost your whole team’s motivation and make your working week start on the best possible note. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your employees hate Mondays, and what you can do about it…

They have to start their day playing catchup

For ,many employees, Mondays start by catching up on all the missed calls, emails and other enquiries that came in over the weekend. This means that they start their week feeling like they’re on the back foot. They may encounter IT issues that they’ve put off on Friday until the next Monday morning, and now have to engage with them. Which is why it’s so important to choose a trusted IT Managed Service provider like The last thing your team needs is to start their Monday morning waiting in line over the phone for IT support.

This is why, as tempting as it is to let things slide on Fridays, you should ensure that your Friday afternoon ends strong to take the sting out of the next Monday morning. 

They don’t have anything to look forward to until the weekend

The sad truth is that many workplace cultures don’t do anything to address the problem of the work week being seen as something to “get out of the way”. It’s up to you to give your team something to look forward to on Monday mornings. Whether it’s a relaxed start to the working week, free danishes or bottomless coffee, a happy Monday morning can lead to a happy and successful working week. 

They think they’re doing last week all over again

Finally, many employees feel that Monday marks the beginning of a repetitive cycle where one working week blends into the next. They feel that their jobs have become monotonous and that they already know what the week will bring before it has even begun. 

What will you do to help your employees love Mondays?

The good news is that there lots of ways in which you can help your employees to foster a healthier perception of Mondays. Try relocating to somewhere more pleasant for your Monday morning meeting like a local coffee shop or diner. Encourage breaks to help team members establish their own place. And help to ensure that all loose ends are tied up on Friday afternoon so that your employees don’t start their week already feeling like they’re running behind.

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