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11 Ways to Be More Successful in 2021

The impact of 2020 will remain with us for the rest of our lives. It was a year that blindsided us all; from the US presidential election to the global COVID-19 pandemic and more. However, the new year brought with it a range of amazing opportunities. If you want to make the most of the opportunities available to you and you want to be more successful in 2021, here are some of our top tips:


1.      Work Smarter Not Harder

If you want to make 2021 a more successful year for you, your personal life, and your business, then working hard is important. However, instead of working harder, work smarter. Working smart means using every method to get the work done better and faster.

One way you can do this is by outsourcing some of the less important roles in your business. Outsourcing these roles will give you more time to spend on the more important tasks that will have an impact on your business or your life.

Another option is to use smart tools or other alternative tools to get jobs done at a quicker speed. For example, if you are a pastor who is spending lots of time on writing sermons, you could consider using a sermon writing resource. Whether you are writing your first sermon, or you have been writing them for years, you will find lots of articles at Pushpay. Their sermon writing resource not only gives you tips on writing sermons, but it also teaches you how to live stream them.

2.      Continue Your Education

If you are struggling to find work, now might be the time to consider continuing your education. It is important to be proactive about your current situation. If you think that your profession is no longer in high demand, think about gaining some new skills that will help you to stand out in today’s competitive job market.

3.      Set Yourself Some Goals

If you want to be successful in 2021, you will need to set yourself some professional goals. If you do your job without setting any goals, you will not have the momentum needed to push you forward. Not only that, but your progress will be slower if you do not set any milestones. It is a good idea to set yourself some short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals. These goals should refer to your personal life, your professional skills, and your finances. The more time you spend planning, the higher the possibility of you setting realistic and reachable goals.

4.      Start Small

Instead of making drastic changes to the way you live your life, it is a good idea to start by making small changes in your life. Focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking is not only hard work, but it can also take more time to try and complete several things at once. Making small changes to your life and the way you work will help you to set yourself up for success instead of failure.

5.      Change Your Approach

If you do the same things today that you did yesterday, there is a high possibility that you will achieve the same results. However, if you want to get different results, you will need to change your approach and do things differently – embrace change!

6.      Volunteer

Over the last few months, volunteering has become not just a way of helping your local community, but also a way of getting known for good reasons. Volunteering can also be a tool to help you to grow your portfolio and demonstrate your expertise, particularly if you are just starting or you have found yourself unemployed. If you want to make 2021 a better year, why not consider volunteering? Find places to volunteer where you can make a difference and go out of your way to help out and tell the world about it.

7.      Start Saving

Saving is important if you want to become more successful in 2021. In fact, beyond saving, it is a good idea to find opportunities to invest your spare income. Start by reducing the amount of money you spend. You will need to spend less money than you earn if you want to save. Of course, it is easier said than done, so you might want to install a budgeting app on your phone.

8.      Work Out Often

Research has shown that one of the most common characteristics of successful people is that they work out regularly. However, lots of people struggle to find the time to work out regularly. Try to be creative when it comes to ways to stay active. For example, cleaning the house can be done at a faster pace with music on in the background, and you can even get a few squats in while cooking!

9.      Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is extremely important. Experts believe that adults need between 6 and 9 hours of sleep at night, However, this number can vary greatly between individuals, so it is important to work out how much sleep you need to feel great.

If you are struggling to get enough sleep at night, there are lots of things you can do including:

  • Avoiding food or drink before bedtime
  • Relaxing before bed – you may choose to read a book, have a hot bath, or go for a walk
  • Turning off electronic devices
  • Making sure your bedroom is dark

10.  Do Not Doubt Yourself

If you want to become successful in 2021, you will need to overcome self-doubt, fear, and being too self-conscious. When you believe in yourself, success will quickly follow.

11.  Stop Making Excuses

Sure, we all feel tired sometimes, but it is important to try and avoid making excuses in 2021 if you want to be more successful. This might mean getting rid of some of the common excuses including:

  • I am too busy
  • I have not got enough time
  • I am too tired
  • I do not have the motivation

2020 was a tough year for us all. Not only were there huge amounts of political turmoil and social injustice, but there was also a worldwide pandemic to deal with. However, while 2020 may have been a bad year for lots of us, it was also a year we can reflect on and learn from. From setting yourself some professional goals to continuing your education, there are lots of things you can do to be more successful in 2021 and beyond.

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