strategic planning

Getting It Done

What Great Leaders and Managers DO There are many books about strategy and in recent years there have been some about execution. After all, CEOs globally are incredibly concerned about being able to execute within their organization. In tough times, it becomes even more critical to get the right things done within your organization. Leaders…

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Managing and Leading in 2009

In a previous blog, (The Times, They Keep Changing), I outlined the vast changes impacting our world of work today. Today’s blog entry focuses on what is critical to be a great manager and leader in today’s changing world. Managers and leaders need to have a more complete set of competencies, skills and traits. Both…

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Keeping Balance and Perspective During the Holidays

Family life today is much different than it was 25 years ago. Back in the “good old days,” families often lived within walking distance of each other, and it never occurred to them to leave their home town. People remained in the same jobs their entire career, most women did not work outside the home,…

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