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Is Everyone In Your Organization Running the Same Race?

Picture the following scenario. A thousand people stand bunched up at the starting line, poised to run a marathon. The runners nervously jog in place and stretch their limbs to stay loose. You can feel the excitement and anticipation in the air as the race is about to start. Slowly the starter raises his pistol,…

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Do You Have the Right Stakeholders in Place to Profit from the Rebounding Economy?

With small signs of an economic recovery in sight, I have noticed many companies making preparations to shift back into high gear. But simply returning to old practices could extend the downturn if one’s business is not aligned with key stakeholders and their evolving needs. The recent economic turmoil has undoubtedly made customers, employees, suppliers…

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How to Inform, Inspire and Engage Employees in Today’s World

Have you ever noticed that no matter how much some things change, others remain the same? The modern workplace has changed almost beyond recognition, yet, many companies still manage their employees as if we were in the 80’s. Twenty-five years ago, managers basically gave employees tasks to complete, providing only as much detail as needed…

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