Why We Often Do Stupid Stuff

Not long ago, Car and Driver Magazine conducted a test to compare normal driver braking times against “impaired” braking conditions, such as drinking, texting, or checking email while driving. The test involved a driver going 70 miles per hour (on a straight course) who was instructed to hit the brakes as soon as he saw…

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Want to influence others? Stop being so rational!

Salespeople have known it for years. People buy on emotion and then justify their decision with facts and logic. That’s why the best salespeople always lead with an emotional “hook” before presenting the facts and features about their product or service. So why, as business leaders, do we usually get it bass-ackwards when trying to…

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Are You Running Red Lights in Your Business?

Running a red light in order to save a few precious seconds is one of the dumbest, most irrational things people do. Yet we do it all the time, in business and in real life. The other day, while driving home from a long session with a client, the light in front of me suddenly…

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