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What’s Your Favorite Bias (And is it Subverting Your Planning Process)?

As business leaders, we like to think of ourselves as thoughtful, rational creatures that carefully weigh all the evidence and then make logical, informed decisions. If only it were that simple. Far too often, our “rational” decision-making processes fall victim to our own preconceived notions about how the world should work, as well as a…

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The Complexity Wakeup Call

The world is only going to get more complicated and move faster – will you be one of the few keeping up? Have you responded to the wakeup call that has been sounding for business leaders? For the past few years I’ve been talking about and sharing with anyone who will listen – clients, seminar…

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Time For a Project Premortem?

In most organizations, it’s common practice to conduct “postmortem” or lessons learned review sessions upon completion of major projects. If the project achieved its goal, management questions typically focus on what went right. “What did we do well? How can we sustain this success? What could we improve to make the outcome even better?” If…

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