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Why Video Content Management is Essential to Your Marketing Strategy


Many people now consider content marketing as a crucial tactic for gaining, retaining, and growing an audience. However, video in particular is making significant strides.

83% of 300 marketers who participated in a survey believe that currently, video content is more crucial than ever, and utilizing it in business models is a unique method to promote ideas and raise brand awareness.

Using more videos in your content marketing strategy is an extremely smart decision. But how are you going to keep everything in order? 

Getting an established management system helps keep you structured and committed to achieving your goals.


Top 10 benefits of using video content management in your marketing strategy

A technology that’s used to save, manage, organize, and show video content for advertising and marketing reasons is referred to as video content management aka video CMS. This application makes it simple to set up a space where all your web video content resources may be kept in one place.

Now that you know its definition, let’s go through some of the major benefits of using a video CMS in your content marketing efforts.


1. Exclusive storage space for large video files

The above upside is the main factor that makes video CMS unique. In simple words, they are designed exclusively for video.

When compared to text-based content including blog articles or pictures such as infographics, video formats are entirely different. 

They take up a lot of storage space on your server and integrate audio with visual features.

For instance, a 5-minute file will take up 1000 times additional memory than a standard JPEG file of 15 KB. That’s certainly a large amount of data, right?

Given the unique nature of video file types, a CMS specifically designed for managing them is necessary. This function is perfectly served by video CMS.


2. Enhanced engagement with video-to-text transcriptions


All experts, amateurs, and regular users of video content require audio-to-text transcriptions. 

The greatest method to save money and time is to get precise transcriptions for any film because you won’t have to sit through endless hours of recorded videos.  

Knowing this, businesses are spending money on transcribing services because it boosts worker productivity.

Amberscripts automatic transcription software that transcribes audio to text also ensures compliance with anti-discrimination rules. To safeguard the rights of people with impairments, certain laws went into effect. All videos must comply with one of these rules, which mandates closed captioning for complete accessibility. 

Despite the ambiguity of these rules, an increasing number of businesses are opting to have movies transcribed in order to stay out of trouble with the law.

Last but not least, transcription offers a simple approach to transforming video footage into fresh types of media, such as blog entries, slideshows, and updates on social media. All of them promote brand awareness and give viewers fresh stuff to interact with.


3. An enjoyable streaming encounter

Large files take up a lot more server storage than is available. Additionally, they use more bandwidth. This implies that your viewers will encounter more sluggish surfing while dealing with huge content like films. It doesn’t even take into account the reality that videos must be saved in several formats in order to be easily viewed on a variety of devices. 

It’s crucial to choose the correct file type, particularly for mobile phones. After all, roughly half of the world’s web traffic is created by them.

All of these can seriously slow down any CMS that wasn’t built to handle big files. You may prevent the headache of degrading your customers’ streaming experiences by adopting video CMS.


4. Improved security and privacy


Video clips are an incredible tool for selling goods and services, but that isn’t their only function. They are a fantastic way to share internal knowledge or even educate your staff.

Did you realize in reality, that merely a week following the training phase, most individuals forget 65% of the information they were taught? Just three months later, this number soars to a pitiful 90%!

Staff training and retention of information is up to 83 percent more successful with videos. Visuals undoubtedly aid with better information retention. However, you wouldn’t have access to such recordings, correct? You may store, manage, distribute, and broadcast videos internally utilizing video CMS without being worried about your company’s security and privacy. These systems include a variety of privacy-preserving protections, like password protection, in addition to security features like encryption.


5. Analytics particular to videos

You can use video CMS tools to measure the effectiveness of any video content using a variety of analytics.

Any effective marketer understands those analytics are nothing less than their holy book. You can’t merely put tactics into action and walk away. They require constant monitoring, evaluation based on predetermined KPIs, recognition of gaps and problems, and improvement. You only can then anticipate the best outcomes.

Videos undoubtedly don’t differ at all. Employ a video CMS if you would like your video content marketing initiatives to be successful in enhancing customer engagement and conversion. These solutions contain evaluation metrics and built-in analytics which are ideal for refining your advertising.

A video CMS enables promotions with video content to be simple by increasing exposure to KPIs (key performance indicators) like clicks, engagements, and views. Just study, evaluate, and improve!


6. Different integrations

The fact that video CMS may be so sophisticated is among its most underappreciated advantages.

A video CMS is considerably more than just an Excel spreadsheet with added complexity. It is a dynamic ecosystem that supports all marketing efforts in addition to other video content-related procedures, streamlining your requirements and offering a one-stop destination.

As a result, several video CMS include sophisticated interfaces with artificial intelligence plus data learning just to give you all capabilities in one location.

In fact, certain video CMS make things so simple that you aren’t even required to get familiar with how new software works and how to utilize it. They seamlessly connect to your current CMS and provide all the business model innovations you require.


7. Batch uploading

Video files typically are huge and quite hefty, as we have already stated and will reiterate. They consume space and cause websites to load slowly except when the server is configured to handle such massive files.

Can you now comprehend the trouble involved in uploading these file types to your database?

You would need a lot of time to upload just one video file. Adding them in bulk would just put too much strain on the system and make you more frustrated.

Here, video CMS becomes your salvation. They can offer you more convenience because of their capacity to handle and store massive files, typically via integrating with the Cloud. These technologies are capable of handling these files and therefore make batch uploads much simpler.

Money is time, so video CMS makes every effort to prevent you from losing this priceless asset!


8. Total command

We are aware that you most likely do not desire to go through the effort of merging or transitioning to a different CMS. And besides, your current CMS most likely has sufficient connectors and extensions to enable video content.

Absolutely incorrect. The effectiveness of your existing CMS is only improved by these integrations and plugins.

They can certainly ease the process of managing video content.  However, can they change your CMS into a system made exclusively for managing videos? 

You must move to a video CMS platform if you require full authority on your company’s video-based content management procedures. And the only solution to guarantee that you enjoy the best outcomes with the least amount of fuss is to do this.


9. Access to video API (application programming interface)

The level of competition in the present market is unbelievable. 

Each industry has established companies that serve as major players and nurtures hundreds of startup companies that emerge with the hope of becoming well-known in the sector.

Customization is the key to convincing in a world when consumers are always inundated with advertisements and promotions. The same applies to videos.

When you white label your multimedia products, you change their look and feel to reflect your company’s personality. Simple examples include the video’s coloring or the inclusion of logos. After all, it’s the little details like this that give your video personality. You get accessibility to video APIs using video CMS software, allowing you to carry out these customizations. Though it may appear like a minor advantage, do not discount its advantages.

Customization has always revolutionized the game and hence, it is a big part of the reason videos gained their initial popularity. In reality, 36% of customers want more individualized advertisements and promotions.


10. Monetization of videos

Why would you limit videos only for marketing purposes? Additionally, you can employ them to generate some passive money for your company!

It shouldn’t be shocking that this content type has been commercialized given how popular videos are—the video streaming industry alone expanded by 55% in 2020. And besides, making money off of a form of entertainment that is so widely consumed is only logical.

Using a web hosting site having a built-in video paywall or broadcasting your YouTube videos for the Monetization Program, selling your films doesn’t need to be challenging. You can manage your films, keep tabs on the revenue they generate, and examine trends to create videos with the highest earning capacity. 

Several paid video CMS additionally gives you the ability to sell your material by yourself using methods like pay-per-view, subscription fees, as well as in advert earnings. You can achieve your objectives and monetize your movies using any of these strategies.



The administration of video material may alter how your company conducts business. 

You can effectively organize your thoughts, raise awareness of your business, and make plans for an even more effective content marketing approach with the right video CMS.


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