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Why Are Businesses So Obsessed With Cyber Attacks?

According to the data, around 81 percent of all cyberattacks happen to small and medium-sized businesses, not the big players. Thus, they must bear the majority of the burden of illegal hacking activity, directly putting their operations at risk. 

In the past, bosses weren’t too concerned with cybercrime. It was a minor issue, bubbling away in the background – not something that affected them directly. 

But with the increasing importance of IT networks and data, that’s all changing fast. Companies that don’t protect their assets risk losing brand reputation and competitive advantage. Suddenly, the issue of cybersecurity has become very serious, indeed. 

Company assets have never been so digital. Some companies are only valuable because of information stored on hard drives. Physical capital isn’t as important any more. 

Thus, it’s no surprise that businesses are obsessed with cyber attacks and doing everything that they can to mitigate them. Antivirus software and firewalls are now just a small part of their defenses. Companies are ramping up their strategies to reflect new threats. 

Here’s what they’re doing. 

Purchasing Special Webhosting Solutions

Many companies rely heavily on their websites being up and running all the time. However, hackers will often launch “denial of service” attacks on the servers that host these platforms, bringing the site to a grinding halt. 

DDoS protected webhosting, therefore, is becoming increasingly fashionable. Companies are using software that provides unique protection against this kind of attack using machine learning. Systems, discover how to protect sites from repeated abuse from hackers and then stop their behavior in its tracks. The result? The website stays up, and the company behind it never even notices there was a problem. 

Training Their Employees In Internet Safety Every Quarter

Modern antivirus software is very powerful. Companies rarely experience breaches because a hacker managed to side-step it. Instead, data breaches occur because somebody in the organization inadvertently gives away confidential company information, usually via email. 

Training employees to recognize the signs of phishing and scammers, therefore, is essential. Firms now realize that this is their number one security concern and that they need to take action now. 

Creating Disaster Recovery Plans

Very few organizations avoid IT nightmares during their existence. Almost always, they experience a catastrophic failure of one kind or another, losing valuable information. Companies, therefore, are developing disaster recovery plans to see them through the tough times. 

These strategies are usually pretty simple: backup data and then use software to reinstall it on computers after a data breach. Disaster recovery, however, can also include things like proactive communication and a prioritization system for what to do first after things go wrong. 

Encrypting All Data

Hackers are always on the lookout for packets of unencrypted information. They can use them to glean critical information about how to access secure files. Firms, therefore, are ensuring everything that goes across their networks, including idle employee chit-chat on messaging platforms, is secure. 
So, in summary, businesses are becoming obsessed with cyber attacks. And it’s not hard to see why. They’re highly damaging when they succeed.

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