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What To Look For In Hybrid Business Software: Our Top Tips

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Sadly, it’s not uncommon for a company to begin to stagnate and become too comfortable with the way they do things. When new systems that boost efficiency and provide better quality and more varied services begin appearing and you fail to recognise the benefits of incorporating them into your current structure, you might be risking much more than you think.

Today, the market is filled with useful tech and software. These can help your business thrive, especially as you move towards more positive working habits such as the popular hybrid working model, in which you have some staff members working from home and some in-office. If you’ve identified the benefits of this system of work and have transitioned your business to operate like this, what should you be considering when searching for useful software?

Software that assists in collaboration between multiple members of your team can be incredibly important especially when your team works on large group projects. Finding online collab software that can be accessed from multiple locations in real time is essential in reducing the time it takes to find out who is working on what. Using software like Trello is a great way to keep an eye on who is tackling which task and can give a fantastic view of your overall progress.

Hybrid working allows for a much wider talent pool in your business structure, but when your team is spread out around the country or even the entire world, it can be concerning when trying to keep everyone in constant contact with each other. Ideally you should find a solution that can be easily implemented like business phone systems by Gamma which can help you to manage your team’s communications network including your business’ landline phones, company smartphones, and VOIP devices. Linking these systems together boosts your efficiency and helps to ensure a quality service to your clients and customers as well as giving your team access to better functionality, leading to higher productivity.

Similarly with collaboration software, implementing a form of shared calendar or planner to your business can help greatly, when managing a distanced team. Of course, as a hybrid business, your team members that are in the office will also benefit from using this planning software, especially if it is cloud-based. Having easy and instant access to a planner that updates in real-time and also notifies you of changes to your own schedule or meeting invitations is ideal for keeping on top of your work week.

Meeting Software
Keeping your team connected to each other when remote working is easier than ever, and our knowledge of doing so has improved due the coronavirus pandemic. There are so many systems available for you to choose from and each offers slightly different pros and cons. Finding the right software for digital conferencing isn’t the easiest choice, so do plenty of research into this. Do you need extra customisation to make your meetings appear more professional complete with branding for client meetings? Or maybe you just need a system that is easily accessible for team members only? Identify what you need this software for and pick the one which will provide you with most relevant service.

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