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What To Do When Your Website Stops Working

When a website stops working, it can be a nightmare regardless of whether it’s something you use for your business or as a personal hobby. If your website has crashed and it’s something you often sell products and services via, it could mean you losing out on a lot of money. Here are some tips for what to do when your website stops working.


Check Your Web Host

Firstly it’s important to consider contacting your web host. They’ll have an idea of why your website might have crashed. It could be something as simple as your domain needing renewing, and therefore the website has been pulled off the internet until you’ve made payment. It could be a widespread networking problem that is affecting multiple people, and therefore you’re not alone in the issue. When it comes to making sure you are up and running as soon as possible, contacting your web host is going to be the best move you can do when it happens for the first time. A lot of these website hosts will have contact information where you can reach them via email, phone and usually via online chat. In this instance, either do an online chat or phone them as these will be the quickest options when it comes to getting in touch with someone.

Make Sure You Have A Maintenance Team

Sometimes a problem with your website is not a problem with your host but actually something that might be currently on your website. It might be something like a virus or hacking that’s happened, or it could be at the backend of your website, that you might not have much knowledge of. To help prevent this, having a website maintenance team is essential. They can be on hand, whether you have them in-house or outsourced, to be of assistance in getting you back up and running in no time at all.

Find The Source Of The Problem

There can be many reasons why your website has crashed, and it’s important to be able to find the source of the problem, even if the website starts back up of its own accord. There’s a reason why it crashed or broke down, and you want to ensure that whatever it is, has been located and resolved.

Put In Preventative Measures

There are lots that you can do when it comes to something going wrong and resolving the issues to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Preventative measures are a good thing to put in so that you don’t find this situation reoccurring and causing even more distress. Especially if you’ve got customers who are buying things or browsing regularly and being met with the same problems. Have the attitude that you fix something once so that it doesn’t happen ever again. Learning from the mistakes that have happened previously is important.

When your website stops working, it’s important to follow these tips to help resolve the issues as soon as you possibly can to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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