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What Technology Do Modern Businesses Need to Utilise?

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In the last couple of decades, everything we do has been shaped by the internet, technology and the latest gadgets, from the way we work to the way we socialise. Technology is with us from the moment we wake up to when we go to bed- even the simple acts of calling for a pizza or a cab, ordering groceries and playing games are now done from computers and smartphones. We have GPS tech in our cars and high end tech in the medical industry saving lives, there’s no escaping it. And the same is true in business, it’s fair to say that if you don’t keep up then you’ll quickly be left in the dark ages. Here are some types of tech you can utilise for your company.

Powerful computers and smartphones

Your employees should have access to fast, reliable computers, since even the best software and programs in the world are no use on machines that run slowly or crash repeatedly. Upgrade the tech in your office, and if you have employees that are out on the road for work then they will need access to good smartphones.

Recruitment technology

There are a number of ways that technology can streamline your recruitment process, from online skills tests to video interviewing. You can see the candidate in person and take in their appearance and body language without having to set up meetings in person, and you can also utilise pre-recorded questions and watch the footage back at a convenient time for you. You also have the option of conducting live video interviews too.

Security technology

Lack of security has most definitely become a crisis when it comes to our technology-dependent world. It’s a big issue every day, as hackers and other criminals steal consumer information and company proprietary information daily to be sold and exploited. Hackers can damage reputations and cause businesses to fall under public scrutiny, so good technology to protect company information is vital. Security in modern business goes well beyond firewalls and anti-virus software, so do your research and find out what the best security softwares and systems are for you. Implement them now to prevent any issues, don’t wait until you’ve been attacked as it’s too late by then. Cloud based systems are most commonly used these days as they’re encrypted and keep your online information safe from hackers, so do your research into this, as well as cyber threat readiness so you know how to protect your company.

Business software

Business software can automate tasks and make everything faster, more secure and more efficient than human workers. You can get everything from marketing to accounting to marketing to HR software and much more can be found these days. Get rid of the old manual methods you’re still using, while it’s impossible to completely automate businesses right now, the tech out there can help your workers in all departments of your company.

A Live Chat feature

Live chat is becoming more widespread, and is an excellent feature for business. It’s convenient for customers with quick queries, and it also makes your company look professional and legitimate which is very important when you’re first starting out. If your customers have any issues about security (such as spam emails asking them to send details) having a live chat feature where they can quickly speak to a human can advise them on what to do. If they have a question regarding products, shipping or anything else, they can get information there and then rather than just giving up and going to shop somewhere else.

A blogging platform

Blogging for business has been shown to be highly effective. It helps drive more traffic to your site, it means more pages get indexed by search engines which boosts your page rank. It establishes authority and helps to spread the word about your website through social media shares. Be sure to include share links at the end of your posts. This will encourage shares and is a free way to get your business name out there. A blog can show your customers that you really know your stuff in your area of expertise, it can build up trust and show that you’re a legitimate company (scam websites would never go to the hassle of writing a high quality blog).

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