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What Makes A Good Social Media Agency?

Are you a business or brand looking to boost your profile and market your product or service? If so, then you should definitely hire yourself a social media agency. These companies will handle the entire social media side of marketing for you; they’ll create a social media presence according to your specification, and they’ll post content and engage with users in a way that’s consistent with your branding and your approach to business. It’s fair to say that if you’re a brand, a social media agency is pretty much an essential aspect of your marketing.

With that said, social media agencies aren’t all high-quality. Some of them have your best interests at heart, and with a little research and a discerning eye, you’ll be able to tell the difference between the good social media agencies and the less high-quality ones. There are some agencies out there that simply don’t do what they should to give your business the social media boost it deserves, so you need to know what you’re getting into. Here are some of the things that make a good social media agency. Be sure to look out for these when you’re hiring a company!


Knowledge of social media

This one might seem incredibly obvious, but it’s surprising just how many social media agencies are seemingly staffed by dilettantes who have no idea what they’re doing. The first and most important thing to look for in a social media agency is knowledge of the different social media platforms.

You won’t be able to get by as a business by sticking to a single social media platform. Your customers will have different preferred platforms, so you need to be on all of the major ones; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are musts. As such, your agency should be familiar with all of these platforms and should know how to maximise engagement on them.


Great customer service

Since a social media agency needs to be able to liaise with you closely regarding its approach to your social media strategy, great customer service is a crucial element of a good agency. Any agency needs to be able to talk to you clearly and in a friendly manner; cooperation is key in this area.

You’ll know bad customer service because when you contact an agency for help, they’ll be recalcitrant, hostile, or evasive. Good customer service personnel are always willing to help; they’ll go the extra mile to assist you, and they’ll do their best to understand and resolve any problems you may have, as well as trying to head off potential future issues.


Good ad targeting

The major social media platforms all have built-in tools to help advertisers and marketers aim their adverts at the correct demographic. Your social media agency should be aware of this, and should build an ad campaign for the correct demographics. If they don’t, it’s a huge red flag.

This is something you can and should talk with them about before you proceed. Who uses the product or service your brand provides? That’s your core demographic, and it’s who the ad campaign should be aimed at. A good social media agency knows this and will tailor ads for the right people, leading to increased engagement for you.


Strong content creation

Content is the cornerstone of any great social media strategy. Whether that’s posts on Facebook, photos and videos on Instagram, or tweets, the content you put out on your social channels is highly indicative of how people view you as a business. If they like your content, they’re more likely to appreciate your brand.

A good social media agency knows that content is critical and will always make sure the content it’s creating is high-quality. If your content is disjointed, poorly thought out, or not adhering to the strategy you’ve outlined, then it’s time to cut ties with your social media agency, because they’re not pulling their weight.


Current affairs awareness

You’ve probably seen some of the horrendous faux pas committed by social media companies in the past. These include insensitive tweets, bad replies to comments, or badly thought out ad campaigns, and all of them can seriously (and sometimes irreparably) harm your brand.

If your agency is worth its salt, then it will be aware of – and sensitive to – current events and affairs. Whatever’s going on in the news right now, your agency should be up to scratch and should be trying to avoid being on the side that might upset someone. No campaign you build should ever be upsetting or offensive, and a good agency knows that.


Strong analytics

When you’ve got a campaign out there in the wild, it’s extremely important to know exactly how it’s doing. That’s why a great social media agency will have a dedicated analytics department that is specifically geared towards understanding the numbers. Engagement, views, conversion – these are all critical stats for a social media agency.

This ties into communication as well. Your agency should be constantly talking to you about what’s working and what isn’t, as well as what can be done about it. They’ll seek your approval for decisions, but they’ll also be able to act autonomously according to what they think is best for boosting your profile.

These are just some of the things you need to look out for when you’re hiring a social media agency to work on your marketing. Social media is a very important element of your marketing strategy, and you can’t afford to neglect it or make a mistake. With the right social media approach, your brand could dominate the market!

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