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What A Waste It Is When Content Marketing Goes Wrong


Content marketing matters a great deal for achieving the best SEO results and online presence. Hence why you need to turn your attention to everything from blogging to video creation, and even general social media. 

Sadly, as many businesses are starting to find, positive SEO results in themselves don’t always justify the costs and effort content marketing requires. This is a time-consuming undertaking, after all, and it doesn’t exactly come complete with guaranteed payouts. 

The good news is that, for the most part, successful content should draw enough attention and profit back towards you to be more than worth your while. The bad news is that, if that isn’t happening right now, there’s a chance these critical content mistakes are wasting your efforts here. 

You haven’t thought about money making

It’s astounding how many companies spend a fortune on content drives without thinking about practical ways to make money back. Of course, to some extent, conversion creation can make up for this downfall, but that alone is rarely enough. Instead, you’d be better off considering content additions like affiliate marketing and ad revenue. These will act as a boost that provides trackable and additional profits on every piece of content you create. Even if your readers/viewers don’t then seek what you’re selling, efforts like these ensure you get money back off page views, etc. And, that could be your best chance at ensuring your profits here outweigh your expenses.

You’re not creating shareable content

In many ways, shares are currency in the content world. Blog posts that go viral are undoubtedly the best money-spinners, not to mention that a share is the best digitally-based word of mouth recommendation you can hope for. Achieve these often, and you can enjoy higher trust levels and brand new audiences that you’d never have access to otherwise. Sadly, content that doesn’t encourage shares does the exact opposite. Hence why, if you aren’t thinking about sharable content, you should be. Predominantly, this means focusing on things like infographics, relevance, and informative content that isn’t just pushing your products every time. 

You aren’t tracking results

If you’re not tracking content results, then you have no way of knowing what your efforts in this area are achieving. For all you know, you could be sending that budget into outer space with no sign of return. That’s guaranteed to lead to losses and a total waste of effort on your part. By instead taking the time to track everything from engagement to conversions on each piece of content you create, you can better tailor your content strategies, and eliminate those efforts that just aren’t working. Even better, you’ll be able to see, once and for all, how your budget compares with your profits. 

Content marketing is glorious, but only if you put it to good use. As soon as you start wasting this benefit, you’re looking at a significant amount of lost time and money. So, ask yourself, are you falling foul to any of these content-wasting mistakes?

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