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Weird And Wonderful Places Companies Have Found To Advertise

Coming up with new places to advertise isn’t easy. But many businesses are taking risks in this regard, plastering their marketing materials practically everywhere you can imagine, in the hope of gaining brand value.

Sometimes their ideas are crap – quite literally when they place their logo on the bottom of the toilet bowl. But other times, they’re inspired, and you wind up asking yourself why you didn’t think of it before. 

Here are some of the weird and wonderful places have found to advertise: 


Most people do their best to avoid walking through public sewer systems. But there’s no doubting the fact that they’re an important part of the urban environment. And because of this, they’re ripe advertising territory.

Folgers coffee, for instance, noticed that there was a maintenance hole near one of their shops that continuously spewed steam. Instead of ignoring it, they painted it with a realistic coffee cup mural advertising their coffees. The fantastic thing about the piece of marketing was that it appeared to give off steam like a regular cup of Joe. Remarkable!

Ice Rink Polishers

Ice rink polishers are a regular site at big hockey games. They usually make an appearance at half time to smooth the rink and prepare it for the players’ return. 

Razor manufacturer Zambonis, however, saw a unique opportunity to advertise. Instead of fitting the polisher with its regular tools, they attached a giant razor blade in the shape of one of their products. It was a crazy concept, but it certainly got the audience’s attention. 

Airline Tables

Most airline tables are beige or white – all very boring. Tray Tables, however, decided that it had had enough of this dullness and chose to paint advertising for its products on them. The genius of this idea is how unexpected it is. People don’t expect to see something artistic and exciting when munching airline food. 

An even better version would include a QR code that would forward customers to a website. You can make QR code stickers and put them on practically any surface. 


Manufacturers will sometimes print stamps of approval on the face of eggs, certifying their origin or quality. Rarely, though, do you find genuine marketing materials on them. 

CBS decided that the lack of egg advertising had been going on for too long, and so began printing joke show names on them as part of getting the word out about its brand. 

On The Bottom Of Pools

You would think that the bottom of a pool would be the last place you’d find advertising, but that’s not always the case. It turns out that swimming pools are prime real estate when it comes to marketing, mainly because they are a centerpiece in so many public venues. When the water is still, the marketing material is clearly visible. When it’s moving, not so much. But who wants a commercial when they’re trying to have fun, anyway? 

So, do any of these weird and wonderful places to advertise inspire you?

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