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Ways To Quash Illegal Activity In The Workplace


Dealing with instances of criminality in your workplace requires a degree of tact and sensitivity. It’s not always as straightforward as simply dialing 9-1-1 and reporting the incident.

Remember, identifying the offence is merely the first step in what can be a very long and arduous journey. Depending on the illegal activity that has taken place, your company’s reputation could be on the line. Client and customer relations can be damaged beyond repair, and the livelihoods of you and your fellow workers could be in jeopardy.

Even being compromised by a large scale cyberattack can paint your firm as foolish depending on the circumstances. Ultimately, you may need to think about illegal activity on your premises a little more carefully if you hope to prevent it.

Therefore, here are some ways to help you diligently quash illegal activity in the workplace.

Nurture Positivity

Though you may be proficient in managing your employees, there are limits on how much control you can exert over them. However, while you cannot always guide them directly, your influence can remain.

Nurture an open culture in your workplace. You can do this by:

  • Arranging icebreaker sessions – When workers become familiar with one another, they may formulate meaningful friendships that prompt them down a better path.
  • Addressing mental well-being – Not all illegal activities are born out of evil motives. Remember, the mental well-being of workers has been dissipating for a while now, and some worker’s struggles may cause them to make misguided decisions or even lash out. Try to support them in their needs to mitigate these circumstances.
  • Facilitating mentor relationships – Workers should be able to report any suspicious activity they have to their supervisors without any fear.
  • Serving reminders – You could send out regular emails to your employees that expose any phishing emails that you have been sent and discourage them from clicking any affiliated links. You can also encourage the blocking of any spam accounts that try to make contact.

As you can see, quashing illegal activity in the workplace is far easier when it’s a company-wide effort. It’s also an excellent opportunity to inspire further unity, bolstering feelings of teamwork and togetherness. Encourage everyone to stay alert, and you should be able to ward off any controversies that can potentially come from within.

Divert Resources to HR

Human Resources departments can make a crucial difference when illegal activities are taking place. In many cases, they can be a guiding light during any troubled times.

For instance, capable HR departments will have a working knowledge of all the laws pertaining to your firm and its activities. They will be able to recite the latest legislations and act in a strong advisory capacity when it comes to compliance. Ultimately, they will ensure any illegal activity does not come from your own misjudgments.

HR departments can also be supportive on a human level too. For instance, if any illegal activities were likely to inflict trauma on an employee, then your HR department can support the workers through this challenging time. They can be the rock of a struggling worker, so try not to undervalue their power in those situations. The support they provide is invaluable.

Provide the department with ongoing training, and fill every position with expert personnel. Listen to their needs as well. If HR feedback that they are underfunded or understaffed, it is essential to take those concerns seriously and address them appropriately.

Provide Thorough Training

Of course, it is not just the HR staff who need training. If serious blunders arise out of your business, you can be tasked with fines, besmirched reputations, and business closure.

Stay updated on all the laws surrounding your firm. Consider that legislation can vary state-by-state too. For example, the requirements of sexual harassment training in California may differ substantially from a program underway in Delaware. Work closely with companies like Inspired eLearning for the lowdown on these situations so that you are never out of step.

Of course, you should implement necessary training measures whether there is a legal mandate or not. Anti-social behaviors cannot be allowed to fester at the heart of your company. Training programs perfectly distinguish what behaviors are permissible or intolerable in your firm and bring clarity to the workforce.

Moreover, the provision of training can illustrate your company’s ethics, priorities, and good character. Employees will know that the content covered plays on your mind and that you take it seriously. New and better workers may be attracted to your firm in light of this, enabling you to weed out unsavory figures from your talent pool.

Upgrade Security

Many illegal activities in your workplace can be prevented with a focus on additional security measures. The more options you explore here, the better.

There are many ways to enforce a more guarded work environment. They could include:

  • CCTV installations – While it may seem satisfying to catch people in the act of doing something terrible secretly, most people generally behave better when they know they are being watched. Use CCTV as a deterrent and a surveillance measure and install this technology in full view of any would-be criminals.
  • Sufficient lighting – Even a well-lit car park can inform any trespassers that sneaking around your premises is likely impossible. Some bright lights inside are a great way to let people know someone is ‘home’ too.
  • Security guards – Having an active and observant presence in your workspace could be enough to deter people from conducting illicit activities.
  • Card access areas – Implement technologies that mean only the bearers of certain identification cards, tags, and codes can gain entry to specific areas of your business. Compartmentalize in that way, and no prying eyes will steal your data

You should also try to research the crime rates in your area to see what additional steps may need to be taken. After all, places like New York City are often subject to business burglaries, with some company owners even boarding up their windows as a countermeasure. While some advanced security measures are always a good idea, you may be required to go the extra mile depending on your location.

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