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Top Ways To Increase Productivity In The Workforce


For any business, it is vital that your employees are as productive as possible. An increase in productivity within your workforce can significantly impact your business. Whether you have a small business or a large one, each person within your company is an integral cog to help your business grow and develop. In order to change, you don’t need to do anything too big; simply making small changes can be extremely beneficial for your business. Here are some tip tips to help your employees to improve their productivity and why it is so important.


Why is employee productivity vital for your business?

The importance of productivity within the workplace is simple – the more productive your employees are, the more work they will complete, and the better it is for your business. By having employees that are highly productive, it will help in ways such as benefiting for all members of a team. When everyone is motivated, work is shared equally, and employees don’t get burnt out or feel resentful that they are doing more than others. This, in turn, improves morale and staff retention as well as better thought-out projects. More motivated employees will also interact better with your customers or clients, which can help generate return business and improve your profits. If they work harder, it will also reduce your outgoings and costs as they will have more time to spend on other tasks rather than just spending time mulling over one task all day. 


Tips to improve your employee’s productivity

While you now know more about the benefits of increasing workforce productivity, it is important to work on getting it. Here are some ways that you can improve it in just a few simple steps…


Make the right hire

Productivity can begin at the moment you hire someone. When you are looking to recruit someone new to join your team, it is important to think beyond their skills and past experience. Consider their cultural fit within your business and that they fit the attributes, values, and attitudes of your company. If the person you choose is likely to fit in with the team and has the same ethic as those that already work for you, they will be much more likely to work effectively both as a team and on their own. They will be more likely to motivate others and want to do well to help their team.


Regularly check in with your employees

It can be easy to look on the surface and think that everything is fine with your employees and that no issues are going on. If work is ticking along, you may be under the impression productivity is maximized, but it could be on a steady decline. By regularly meeting with them, you can nip any issues in the bud before they become a problem and motivation starts to dwindle. Checking in doesn’t need to be a formal meeting every time; it could be something as little as picking up the phone every other week for a quick catch up just to check if they have any concerns, or an email every Friday where you get them to reply with how their week has gone and if they need to address anything with you. Be sure to take any feedback seriously and do what you can to rectify situations that might be affecting productivity. 


Keep your staff in the loop 

It is vital that you keep your employees in the loop of what is going on. They will all appreciate the transparency and, with a clear common goal, will know how to work hard to get there and what is needed to do so. With a clear direction to follow, they will know what is expected of them, and they will also feel more appreciated that you are open and honest with them. By making your employees feel valued and trusted, they will offer you the same show of respect and dedication through their work. Hold meetings where you can brief everyone in what is currently happening within the business, whether monthly or weekly; this is down to you. While you might not be able to get all your employees into the office, you could still schedule Zoom meetings.


Show your appreciation 

It is important that your employees feel appreciated for the work they are doing for you. After all, you can’t expect them to come and be productive for you if they feel you are giving them nothing back in return. By showing your appreciation, you will make them feel like they matter and that they are contributing to the success of the business. The way you do this can be as little or as big as you like- it could be anything from an email or phone call to give praise to a monetary reward or a mention in your next staff meeting. Whatever you decide, it is guaranteed to be appreciated by those that work for you and will help to improve their motivation and productivity in the workplace.


Offer training and the tools needed to succeed

If employees feel that their future is being invested in, they will feel much more motivated. Speak to your staff and find out where they see themselves in 12 months’ time and if there are any ways you can help them to achieve this. If there are ways they want to progress or a role they want to try, give them the tools and training needed to do this. If they feel you are investing in them and their future they will want to give back the same level of dedication to you. They will also feel more motivated to work if they know they are heading towards a goal or dream of theirs. Career progression is very important to many and simply knowing they have the opportunities to improve, earn more money, and get better in their role rather than stagnating, can be a big push to work harder. There are many tools out there that can help with productivity, such as the enterprise content management system from DocuWare which can significantly improve business efficiency, reduce costs, and increase employee and customer satisfaction. Tools that can make their jobs easier and more efficient are always worth investing in to help increase their productivity throughout the day.


Care for your staff’s wellbeing

Wellbeing has never been more important than now, so ensure that you check in regularly with your staff regarding their wellbeing. There are many benefits that you can offer them which will help both their wellbeing and their motivation at work. Offer services such as health insurance, cycle to work schemes or even a simple discount on their shopping. Now that many people are working from home the benefits you offer might need to change, but there are still many things you could do. You could also provide them with appropriate tools to help with their mental health such as slotting in time for mindfulness and offering the right training and education surrounding mental health issues. Encourage your staff members to take time to focus on their physical health and let them know that you are there should they need you or your support.


Create a motivating work space

While your office might not be full of people at the moment, one day you will all head back to the office and it is important it is ready for when that happens. Make the workplace a nice working environment to spend time in – and that is exactly what your employees will want to do. You don’t have to do anything too extreme such as add in sleeping pods and a games room, it is important your staff have all the tools they need to do their job. Ensure you have a nice staff room or kitchen where your employees can spend time relaxing and eat their lunch away from their desks. In their actual work space invest in comfortable chairs and desks that will support their bodies and help to prevent RSI. Up to date technology equipment (such as laptops, computers and phones) are also a welcome addition and can ensure jobs get done quickly as well as people appreciating that you are investing in technology for them because they matter. 


Set individual goals and targets 

When you check in with your employees, set them their own individual goals and target which they could be rewarded for. By having something exciting to aim for, they will want to work harder to achieve this. It could be something such as a bonus, allowing them to finish work early on a Friday, or acquiring an extra day of holiday. The goals can vary between something small to complete by the end of the week, to a yearly aim. It could be measured on the amount of sales they make, new customers they acquire, or amount of 5 star reviews they receive from a client. 

These are just a few ways you can increase productivity in the workplace. By implementing these simple strategies you will soon notice that the morale is better and your business is improving as a result. Be sure to communicate with your employees regularly and find out what is working and what is not. By having an open and honest approach and rewards for good work, they will want to work harder and continue to improve. What methods do you like to use? Let us know! 

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