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Top 6 Ways to Implement a Volunteer Program for Your Business


Implementing a volunteer program for your business is one of the best ways to give back to your community and the world at large. It is how you impact the world and enable your employees to find contentment and fulfillment in helping others. 

Statistics show that employees involved in volunteer programs are happier at work, and 54% of employees who are proud of their company’s contributions to society are more engaged at work. 

Employees, investors, and customers now go beyond wanting to make profits to do business with companies that make meaningful contributions to their society. If you want to create a successful volunteer program for your business and wonder how to go about it, you are reading the right article.

This article will show you the different workable ways to go about implementing an excellent volunteer program for your business.

Let’s get right into it.

What does it mean to implement a volunteer program for your business?


Implementing a volunteer program for your business is simply creating a workable plan to help the underserved with its resources. 

You can go about implementing a volunteer program for your business in two ways: by channeling your efforts as a business to a cause or allowing your employees to pursue their volunteering goals. 

However, the best way is to find a cause that aligns with your business and employees’ values so you can successfully pursue the cause(s) as an organization. 

Finding a cause your employees believe in is pivotal because if they are dispassionate about a cause, you can only expect them to participate in the volunteer programs grudgingly.

However, because you want a volunteer program filled with active people passionate about what they do, it would be best to carry your employees along when choosing a cause to pursue your volunteer programs.

Distribute questionnaires and carry out surveys to identify what your employees’ volunteering interests are. This way, you can select a cause your employees identify with (that also aligns with your brand’s values) to implement a volunteer program your team will actively engage in. 

Benefits of executing a volunteer program for your business 


In the process of giving and supporting others, volunteer programs bring back immense benefits to your business. Let’s find out the various advantages your business enjoys by implementing volunteer programs below:

  • It builds a better-engaged workforce 

Doing good makes one feel good. And if your employees come to work every day knowing they are impacting the world with their skills and the resources your company provides, you can be sure they will be better engaged at work. 

Scientifically, volunteering reduces stress. When you feel good about yourself, the neurotransmitter dopamine is released to the brain, which relieves stress, makes you healthier, and makes you better at performing activities efficiently. 

By being happier and less stressed, your employees can perform better in their jobs. The result? Your productivity and efficiency increase as a business because your employees will get more tasks done, better; thereby improving your bottom line.

  • It creates  a positive brand image for your business 

One of the best things about executing volunteer programs for your business is that it creates a good impression in people’s minds. 

People want to associate with organizations they perceive to be doing good, not just to their clients and staff, but to those around and far away from them—the people who may not offer direct profits to their companies.

While paid advertising is openly promoting your business, volunteer programs are subtle but effective ways to show the world the type of company you are without being vocal about it.

Supporting others portrays selflessness and goodwill—the type of values people like to be a part of. 

Therefore, volunteer programs are one of the best ways to indirectly promote your business’s culture, beliefs, and values to attract the right set of people to your business.

  • It enables you to network with others and builds quality relationships

Partaking in volunteering programs is a great way to meet new people and grow your business network. 

Many organizations, business leaders, and industry experts are involved in volunteer programs. 

Therefore, chances are you will meet people who will be of great help to moving your business forward while you are doing the excellent work of helping others.

You will meet people with whom you share the same values, people who are as passionate about helping others as you are. There, you will be able to establish a bond that stands the test of time.

You will also see these people coming through for you whenever you need help to overcome challenges in your business.

How to carry out a successful volunteer program for your business 


As straightforward as implementing a volunteer program for your business may seem, it takes a reasonable amount of planning, processes, and considerations. Below are the steps to follow to implement an effective volunteer program for your business.

  • Partner with non-profit organizations

Partnering with non-profit organizations is an effective way to incorporate volunteer programs into your business. However, when choosing a non-profit organization to partner with, ensure that the organization’s goals align with yours. 

More than this, see to it that the organization is making a notable impact in the community, and with your help, they can do much more. 

Another factor to consider when choosing a non-profit organization to work with is the size of your employees against the number of volunteers needed in the non-profit. 

For instance, if the size of your organization is large, partnering with an organization that needs just a few members will bring some restrictions for your business’s volunteer program. 

  • Offer skill-based volunteering programs 

Offering skills-based volunteering programs is an excellent way to give back immensely to those that need your help. Encourage your employees to use their knowledge, experience, and skills to impact the world in the ways that they can.  

This could range from their varying talents and skills. From coaching and monitoring youths on different skill sets to offering expert tips and advice in different professional areas, and many more. There are endless possibilities to give with skill-based volunteering.

Skill-based volunteering goes beyond encouraging your staff to use their individual talents for a cause to using your organization’s resources to support a cause.

Again, skill-based volunteering can be conducted remotely. No matter where you are in the world, your company can still give back to the community through a virtual volunteer program that they can access from all around the world. 

This is ideal for companies who do not have a lot of resources or workforce to conduct physical volunteering work but will still like to give back to society. You save money on transportation and logistics but still provide an opportunity for your employees to volunteer based on the skills they have to offer.

The goal is to identify a need and see how your company can provide for needs based on your employees’ abilities and the products and services you offer.

  • Have a plan 

Getting the right results with your volunteer programs involves a proper plan and strategy. First, it’s important to clearly define your goals and objectives and state how you plan to achieve them. 

  • When do you want to start? 
  • What resources do you need? 
  • How do you plan to get these resources? 
  • How many people can these resources cater to?

Getting answers to these questions and more will help you create a solid plan for your volunteer programs.

  • Employ the right tools 

 Just like your business, volunteer programs need proper organization and management to run smoothly. 

However, going the manual route is tedious, time-consuming, and often inefficient. But this is where using suitable tools for your organization and management tasks comes in.

Opt for easy-to-use tools to help automate processes and procedures effectively. Doing this will ensure that things are in order and that the activities involved in the volunteer programs aren’t hard work for anyone. 

  • Track your progress 

You should monitor your progress to ensure your efforts are going in the right places to bring expected results.

What does success mean to you? And how close are you to achieving the success you’ve defined for your volunteer programs? Tracking your progress is how you find answers to these questions. 

By consistently monitoring your progress, you can identify how you and your team can work better to achieve your goals with your business’s volunteer program.

  • Celebrate your achievements

Measuring your progress will help you know how far you’ve gone as a business to put a smile on other people’s faces. 

You can then celebrate your wins, from significant feats to achievements that seem minor. 

It is also great to offer incentives to your workers for a job well done and encourage them to share stories of your achievements to inspire others.


This article discussed the different ways you can implement a good volunteer program in your business that brings meaningful results. Adopt the tips discussed in this article to execute a successful volunteer program for your business.

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