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Top 4 Skills To Help You Succeed In A Digital World


We live in a world where everything is done online which means that employers are now looking to recruit those with a host of digital skills. If you are looking for a role in digital marketing or not, it is very important to have good IT skills as a lot of businesses will be expecting you to have these regardless of the role that you are taking on. In this post, we will highlight four beneficial skills that are valuable to have in the ever-growing world of digital.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Well-written content is void if the audience it is aimed at is unable to find it, therefore you need good SEO strategies that will help drive the relevant traffic to your website, which is why having SEO skills are extremely valuable. Other aspects of SEO that are useful include keyword research as this will enable you to understand what relevant keywords you need to target for your client. Staying up-to-date with any algorithm changes will help you because you will be able to act swiftly should there be any major changes that can affect how you’re viewed on search engines. 

Content Writing

When looking at skills for modern marketers, content writing is often overlooked but in reality, content is at the heart of digital marketing, which means that you need to have exceptional writing skills to be able to produce great content that will engage and connect with your audience. Being able to write and edit content is useful for blog posts, infographics, eBooks, press releases, and even social media posts. You will need to be good at researching a range of topics and proofreading content. Having an understanding of SEO will benefit you further, as you will often be required to include targeted keywords and anchor texts into your content. 

Graphic Design

You don’t need to be a pro at Photoshop but having basic design skills can help you in a digital role. Knowing how to create well-designed visuals to use across social channels and for email marketing will be an advantage to many employees. Even if you are not required to carry out any basic design work, having an understanding will help if you have to collaborate with a design team on projects. If you have more advanced graphic design skills you can help in the web development process of building wireframes for a new website. 

Social Media

Knowing the ins and outs of social media will be a huge benefit, as companies are always looking for ways to enhance their online presence. Being able to engage people with a brand through social media is a strong skill to have. Many people assume it’s the same as running personal social media accounts but a good marketer knows that there is so much more to social media than posting consistently and often. You need to take into account things like advertising, boosting posts, understanding the use of hashtags, and running business pages. 

Although digital marketing requires many skills, these are just four that will help you succeed in a digital marketing role.

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