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Three Steps To Buying Commercial Property

Real estate agents can help buyers, whether you are new to the world of property or an old hand. Estate agents work with you to find your ideal commercial property, from looking at budgets and available property in an area to organizing viewings and putting in your offer. Here are the three steps. 

Step One. Start by registering with estate agents operating in your area. 

Once you have found and talked to a few estate agents, you should choose one and register your details with them. They can then inform you of any properties matching your criteria that come on the market. You can decide how you want to receive this information from them, via phone call, text message or email.  

Step Two. Ask your estate agents to organize property viewings for you. 

After identifying several suitable properties you can arrange a viewing of the properties via your estate agent. It is a good idea to view a range of properties to get the best understanding of what is on the market in your area. View properties as quickly as possible as it is a competitive market. Try to visit your favorite properties in both day and evening. 

Step Three. You have a property you would like to purchase. 

It’s time to put in an offer. Call the estate agent, clarify your position and make a realistic offer based on your own finances and the properties asking price. The seller’s decision to remove a commercial property from the market is more often motivated by your buying position, the quicker you can move, the more likely they are to sell to you. You may also want to look into commercial property management services at this point so that you’re ready to go as soon as the contracts are handed over.

Helpful Hints For Viewing Properties

Estate agent viewing agents take you around properties extolling the virtues of a property. As you stand at the doorway, about to view the property remember to keep calm and remain sensible. Bring a checklist of criteria and requirements with you to your viewing. 

As you enter and walk around the property remembering to ask the following questions can save yourself time, money and trouble in the future. Start by asking the estate agents handling the viewing and sale of why the current owners are selling? Is there an issue with either the location or the property itself? Inside the property start by asking whether it will need updating. Will they be serious or is it more cosmetic? If serious, should you get an estimate for this early on? Is the property listed or in a conservation area, restricting any alterations? Are the rooms large enough to meet your needs and office furniture? What is included in the sale, such as any white goods? 

Estate agents should also be able to tell you the property running costs such as estimated mortgage repayments and energy costs. If asking these, and other questions, you still feel that the property has potential you should organize a second viewing. See how it feels going back a second time. It is a good idea to take a friend with you whose opinion you value. If you have one who is more experienced in buying property and what to look out for, all the better. 

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