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The Essential Guide To Boosting Morale

With the advent of the novel coronavirus came at home remote working. For businesses to survive, they had to introduce a more flexible way of working so that their staff could remain productive. Covid-19 is not over yet and we need to continue to embrace working from home. While employers were cautious, to begin with, they quickly began to see just how responsible and productive their employees could be when out of the office. This has made many entrepreneurs consider handing back the office keys and canceling the lease forever. You need to be sure that this is not just sound economic sense but also for the benefit of your team.

While many employees relish the chance of working from their study, sipping their favorite coffee, and conducting Zoom meetings, others miss the camaraderie of the office. Without the banter and camaraderie, many of your team might see their morale drop and their mental well being suffer. It’s up to you, as a boss, to limit the impact of this. Take a look at how you can boost employee morale.


While your workforce may be physically distant, they do not have to be socially distant. Set some time up each week to have a work social over the Internet. Zoom, Skype and Teams all have the functionality to have online after works drinks. This is a time where you aren’t talking shop. Instead, your team can catch up, relax, and have some fun. Online quizzes are a great fun activity to do with pals and colleagues. Have a different chairperson every week and enjoy being together as you were in the office.

Set up one to one sessions with your staff online and still conduct performance management sessions. Invest in your staff through courses and upskilling. Don’t allow coronavirus to put these things off otherwise your staff may begin to feel like their career is on hold. Try to maintain your business processes and functions as much as possible. Encourage your team to talk to you and allow them to communicate their worries and concerns so that you can address them.

Do Something Tangible

Actions speak a lot louder than words when it comes to showing your staff that you care. If you head to a specialist website, you can sign your team up to some employee perks to enjoy while in lockdown. They can experience discounted online subscription fees, a subsidized bicycle, or childcare vouchers. These tangible benefits can boost morale and demonstrate to your staff that you take their well being very seriously.

Boosting morale goes beyond showering your team with praise or guaranteeing job security. The Covid-19 crisis has had a global impact but it has also made people think about their own personal existence. Empower your team to talk, discuss, and offer up new ideas for the future of your business. Make sure that you are all in it together and give your employees the ability to work flexibly.

A post-pandemic world will look very different from six months ago. Follow this guide and you can ensure the high morale of your staff team.

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