March Madness: It’s Winning Time!

I’m not a huge basketball fan. But like millions of Americans, I follow the annual event know as March Madness, where 68 college hoops teams come together over the course of three weeks to determine a true national champion. And when March Madness rolls around, it means two things. One, workplace productivity throughout the land…

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Tear Down These Walls!

In 1987, president Ronald Reagan gave his famous speech in which he implored Soviet Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall!” I’m going to paraphrase his history-altering quote and urge today’s business leaders to tear down these walls! Which walls? The ones that get in the way of cross-communication within organizations and prevent…

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What If You Took the Time to Ask “What If?”

Recently I was doing a keynote presentation on innovation when a member of the audience, a senior manager at a large company, posed this question: “What’s the difference between individual and organizational innovation? We have plenty of people who come up with good ideas, but nothing new ever seems to get done in our company.”…

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