Don’t Just Get it Done, Get the Right Things Done!

Last week I wrote about four strategies for “getting it done” in organizations. In other words, following through and executing on the plan. But there’s one very important step that needs to happen first – making sure you’re executing on the right projects and initiatives. Otherwise, you may be getting things done that don’t support…

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Stop Distracting Me!

Do you think email, Twitter, and Facebook are workplace annoyances? When it comes to blocking innovation, they’re not nearly as destructive as your own internal distractions.

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Are Your Thought Bubbles Killing Your Strategic Plan?

Those who follow my blog or have heard me speak to business groups and conventions know that I constantly talk about the dangers of MSU, or making stuff up. Making stuff up occurs when we listen to the thought bubbles inside our heads that tell us the world must be a certain way; when we…

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