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How To Fail At Cultural Change

In my previous blog, I noted that 56% of the organizations that participated in a survey by I4CP, a human capital research firm, reported recently or currently undergoing a major cultural change. What I didn’t mention was that less than 15% rated the change initiative as highly successful (12.2%) or very highly successful (2.5%). Nearly…

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Never Trust an Atom (and Sometimes Your Brain)

  While browsing in a bookstore the other day (yes, I prefer real books to digital readers for business reading), I saw a young person wearing a tee shirt that gave me a good laugh. The front of the shirt had a colorful graphic of an atom, with electrons swirling around the nucleus. The caption…

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Strategic Agility –The Next Big Thing is Here

In today’s hyper-paced world, few things are more important to business success than the ability to respond quickly to sudden changes in market conditions or customer needs. Whether the disruption comes from the introduction of a new technology, a new competitor that nobody saw coming, or drastic changes in economic policy and trade agreements, the…

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