Big-Time Change Ahead for College Campuses

Last week I wrote about how disruptive innovation from mobile technologies is turning the banking industry upside down. Now it’s higher education’s turn. As a parent footing the bill for a college student, I say it’s about time! An article in the Wall Street Journal reports that since 1990, the cost of attending college has…

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Time For An Education System Makeover

Education budgets at the national, state, and local levels have all taken huge hits over the past few years. And while we all want our schools to have sufficient funding to educate our children, more money is not the magic bullet solution for what our educational system needs. The truth is, our educational system is…

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Mark Your Calendars for Wear Red Day February 4th

In the time it takes you to read halfway through this blog, someone’s mother, daughter, sister, aunt or grandmother will die from heart disease. Not quite two years ago, I nearly became one of those victims, suffering a major heart attack while on a business trip. Fortunately, I survived with no significant scar tissue and…

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