Eliminate Your But!

I would love to see the following sign outside every strategic planning conference room: Strategic Planning Session in Progress No Thought Bubbles Allowed! Of course, it will never happen because we can’t get rid of our thought bubbles. What we can do is take a careful inventory of them and update those that no longer…

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Did Cookie Monster Mislead Us?

What? Cookie Monster mislead us? That’s like questioning mom, apple pie and the 4th of July! But he did. If you don’t believe me, just watch this very short (one-minute) video clip <>. Where’s the fib? In his implication that there’s only one right answer to the question. From a very early age we’หœre taught…

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A Trillion-Dollar MSU?

One of the biggest dangers in business is MSU, or making stuff up, especially when we don’t realize we are doing it. I see leaders and managers do it all the time, and the consequences to people and profits can be horrific. With the newly passed health care bill, our entire nation is about to…

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