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Simple Recruiting Tips For All Industries

A successful recruiting strategy should involve your entire team and be should be developed carefully to help you attract the best talent, through great employee incentives, on-boarding good hiring practices. 


Promote Employee Referrals

If you know you’re bringing in great candidates, but just want more of them, then you want to create a ‘self-replicating’ recruitment style. The easiest way to do this is by turning every employee into a recruiter by encouraging them to refer candidates. 

The simplest strategies are sometimes the best. Hire the best candidates, then keep them consistently challenged and happy. When they’re happy, encourage them to bring in their talented friends. You can do this by offering cash incentives when someone they recommend accepts a job offer. Make sure you’re offering a great candidate experience, and then repeat the cycle every time you need to hire. 

Prioritize Candidate Experience

Offering candidates a great experience can provide lots of different benefits. However, if you get it wrong, it can damage your reputation and that is hard to come back from. Always remember that the experience a candidate has is their first interaction with you as a potential employee, and will change the way they see your organisation and company culture. 

If the candidate experience is designed well, then the top candidates can tell that you’re a company that cares about its people. This is a great signal to send to candidates, new hires and existing employees. You’re showing that you place real importance on your people at every level. 

If a candidate has a positive experience during the recruiting process, whether you’re in legal recruitment or marketing recruitment, then even those who aren’t accepted will think well of you and have positive things to say about you. A bad experience will leave a bad impression, both with the candidate and the employee who referred them in the first place. 

Have A Great Offboarding Process

It might seem like the opposite of what you want to do in recruitment, but a great offboarding experience is actually an important part of making your recruitment process a success. Not all employment relationships will end on bad terms, and you can make this more likely by handling leavers well. 

Just like current employees, past employees can be a tool to recommend your company to other people. If someone who previously worked for you still has great things to say about their experience, then this can encourage potential candidates, whereas one who has negative things to say will put people off. 

As well as being a potential ambassador for your company, a former employee who loved working for you is more likely to return to the company later on, bringing back the skills that you hired them for the first place and likely some new ones that they have learnt during their time working elsewhere. 

Focussing on creating a great recruitment process can help you to attract the best talent, and keep it when you’ve got it.

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