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Reasons To Really Read Into Text Marketing

When looking at mobile marketing, you need to think about the most effective ways to reach your audience on the devices that are seemingly always at hand, in their bags, or in their pockets. However, dialling isn’t always the right solution. Here, we’re going to look at why text marketing can be just as effective and approach to get their attention and into their thoughts.


It’s a much more immediate way to get their attention

You might think that there isn’t much difference between email marketing and text marketing, but perhaps the largest difference comes in the form of engagement. Most modern consumers have both an email address and a phone, but more often than not, marketing emails get stuck in the spam box, or ignored as soon as it’s clear that they’re for marketing purposes. People tend to take texts a little more seriously, so they’re more likely to check them.


They can be highly convenient

There are a lot of services that require your customers or clients to get reminders and notifications of when there’s something that demands their attention. For instance, church text message marketing is being used more frequently to remind people to attend events, while medical services may use them to send notifications of upcoming appointments. This can be a convenience and effective way to keep your audience engaged.


It’s super easy to engage with

You can also use text messages to help customers easily engage with the business in a variety of ways. In keeping with the point on convenience, perhaps the most direct is to use shortcodes, so customers can quickly reply to offers or messages. These shortcodes can be in cross-promotional efforts across advertisements outside of the text message as well so that people can easily recognize how to capitalize on what your brand is offering.


It’s cost-effective

Combined with the fact that text message marketing as a high open rate and a high conversion rate, the relatively low cost of each text also means that they can be extremely cost effective. How much your texts cost will vary from which provider you use, but modern Cloud telephony is making it cheaper than ever. As such, you can free up the money necessary to invest in a broader marketing campaign using different methods.


It’s highly trackable

Just as important as how effectively it can engage your audience is how well you can see that effectiveness. Tracking the analytics of your marketing campaigns helps you see what you’re doing right and what isn’t working. Most text marketing companies offer a lot of response data so you can monitor and improve your strategies, seeing precisely just how much of a return on investment you’re getting.


Of course, an effective approach in any medium demands that you’re using it the right way to target your specific audience. One approach that works for one business won’t work for all of them. Take the tips above in mind and adapt them to your audience, most of all.

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