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Managing Our Natural Impatience In The Business

In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Veruca Salt is a spoiled child who is constantly demanding every single thing she happens to see or hear about. In the book, Veruca wants to buy a squirrel from the Nut Room. As Willy Wonka refuses, she grabs one herself but is soon declared a bad nut. At which point, she is thrown into the garbage area and exits the factory. 

The 1971 filmed adaptation turns her into a bad egg as she wants to own a goose rather than a squirrel. But the most iconic moment from the film is young Veruca belting vehemently the now infamous song: I Want it Now. 

“I want it now” may not be the kind of thing employees, employers, or customers express as openly as Veruca Salt. However, the feeling remains the same. We may not want a trained squirrel or a golden egg goose, but we remain impatient to get what we think we are due. So how can we tame our impatience in the business? 

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Help your employees be more productive

While employers dream of teams that can give 110% at all times, the reality is different. For a start, the saying itself can give false expectations. Nobody can give more than they have, which means that the extra 10% simply doesn’t exist. Additionally, productivity in the workplace relies on a variety of factors. Employees struggle to deliver exceptional results in a space that doesn’t enhance their creativity, work process, and overall mental health. Therefore, businesses need to prioritize creating productivity-enhancing workplaces that encourage collaboration and creative thinking. 


Find ways to deliver on time every time

Customers are impatient too, especially those who purchase online. When you commit to a purchase online, you experience the joy of ownership from the moment the transaction is completed. Consequently, the longer deliveries need to reach your customers, the more frustrated they become. From their perspective, the only thing standing between them and the item they bought is the company’s inability to deliver quickly. For businesses struggling with shipping logistics, it can be a good idea to look for fast order fulfillment services. Third-party logistics providers can offer quick, quality, and cost-effective services that will keep both the business and the customers happy. What’s not to like? 


Offer digital services

The pandemic has transformed the business approach to services. For health reasons, companies have had to find a suitable alternative to office-based projects. Digitizing processes and services have been a game-changer, enabling countless companies to survive through the crisis. But, as offices are getting back to normal, it makes sense to maintain your online services. Indeed, digital content and services erase geolocation limits. Customers do not have to wait to receive their order if it can be transferred directly online. 


Always share time frames

It’ll be ready soon. 

When is soon? Your communication needs to provide real and tangible deadlines, indicating a date, a time, or a number of days/weeks. The absence of clarity can lead to frustration and impatience. 

Are we impatient? Yes, we are. But managing impatience in a business environment can avoid many issues. From designing a productive workplace to meeting customers’ expectations, addressing impatience should be a top priority because, in the words of Veruca Salt, we want it now all the time.

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