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Make Money From Home With These Top Tips

If you’re one of the many stuck on lockdown at home you might have been thinking about how you can make it a little more productive. Sure, you might already be working. Or you might have children to look after. Yet, if you’ve got some time it might be a good time to make a little extra on the side. You can scale this as much as you want. Having a side hustle can do great for your finances. Perhaps it’s simply paying off a credit card or a previous finance purchase. Maybe you want to save for a particular purchase or just a rainy day. Whatever the case, being able to make some money from home can help. If you’re productive and committed, you can make a lot of money. You could even change your career if you really wanted to, so long as you’ve made a success out of it. Here are a few ways you can make money from home. Some require certain skills, others just require a tenacity. Have a look and see if any may apply to you. 

Buy And Sell

Selling items online is nothing new. Ebay started the craze but now the web is more accessible than ever. You can start small. Maybe selling some of your old items you don’t need, want or use anymore. From that you might get the bug. The trick of course is to buy and sell while making a profit. It isn’t always easy. There are aspects out there which can help, such as the wholesale formula and well written articles which can illustrate how it’s done. The key is to ensure you don’t buy for too much and end up losing money. You need to gauge consumer needs and the trends of the market. Sounds quite confusing but it’s fairly easy to get your head around it when you think it through. It’s not too easy to dip your toe in either, so be sure this is the route for you before ploughing ahead with your plans.



 If you have a skill and some knowhow you can turn it into money by passing on your knowledge onto others. Previously you might have had to travel to other homes, or have students come to you. Now, with the advent of software like Microsoft Teams and others you can do this virtually. You might want to give a student that extra knowledge needed to pass an exam. Or maybe you wanted to help parents out with homeschooling. There are a lot of parent homeschooling at the moment so there could be a nice gap to fill. Just remember to ensure you’re fully aware of the syllabus being studied and that your knowledge is current. Once you pick up one or two customers you’ll find word of mouth will help them increase so long as you’re doing a good job.

Freelance Writing

If you enjoy writing it might be time for you to start to monetise your skill. There are so many ways you can do it. Just googling writing jobs will bring up a load of potential jobs. You can sign up with an agency or pitch the magazines. It helps to write about something you have a lot of passion for which will also decrease the amount of research needed. It can be tough getting into the writing game. You need to turn out quality content consistently. However, it’s a great side hustle you can pick up with just your laptop. Most magazines will accept submissions just make sure you follow them to the letter. They’ll get binned right away if you deviate from them. Afterall, why would they think you can write well if you can’t even follow simple submission instructions. A little bit of research goes a long way.


You’ll need to crank out quite a few surveys if you want to make good money. However, if you’ve got the time it can be useful. The key here is that they require near to no mental work. You just answer the questions as they come up, couldn’t be easier. You need to ensure you sign up to a reputable website. Some don’t pay in cash but products, so make sure you find the right one which suits what you want or need. Check the reviews from people who have worked for them before too…this is a must if you want to protect yourself and your time. If you find it’s a little too mind numbing then you might want to try something else.

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