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Improving Communication with Customers

Communication with customers is more varied than it has ever been before. We can reach them on social media. We can send emails or text messages. We can phone them or send letters. We can even make appointments and speak to them face to face. All of these options should make communication easier. But, if anything, we’re getting worse at it. 

Effective communication with your customers can help to build loyalty and increase trust. It can help you to pass on important information quickly, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and other problems which could otherwise lead to mistakes. Good communication can boost word of mouth marketing and drive traffic to your business. It can even help you to generate new and valuable leads, increasing sales

So, how do you do it? If you feel as though your communication is poor, or you have so far made very little effort to communicate with customers once they have left your business, here are some of the things that you can do to improve. 

Invest in the Right Tools

Communication is hard if you don’t have what you need to do it. You can’t make phone calls without good equipment and phone lines, so learn more about cable installation and service. You’ll also need a good internet connection, social media accounts, and even headed paper and marketing materials with clear contact information. 

Build a Social Media Persona

Your business social media isn’t the same as your personal one. You need to remember that anything that appears on your social channels speaks for your business. So, decide who you want your business to be. Do you want to keep it professional? Do you want to engage more informally? Do you want to share news items or comment on political situations? Make some rules for your businesses social media persona, and make sure your team members understand. 

Make a Great First Impression

When it comes to communication, first impressions matter, make a positive impression, and you’ll have a much better chance of maintaining effective and open communication moving forward. 

Speak to Customers Like Real People

Your customers are real people. They don’t exist only for your business. They have real lives, friends, family, their own thoughts, and feelings. They have moods and tastes. Get to know them as real people. Make connections, and try to create something personal. 

Don’t Be Scared to Have a Personality

You may think that your business needs to be professional. But, nowadays, even the more serious businesses and figures are showing their real personality on social media. They have fun with vanishing content, they show behind the scenes images, and they let people in. Don’t be scared to have a personality, even if you tone it down a little. 

Keep Your Promises

If you tell a customer that you will be in touch, or that you will follow up on a sale or communication, do it and try to stick to a timetable. 


Communication isn’t all about what you have got to say. Listening is perhaps even more important. 

When it comes to communication, understand that just because there are so many forms, it doesn’t mean that all of your customers use them all. Some may prefer phone calls; they might not even have social media. Get to know them, and give them communication options, instead of forcing your preferences on them.

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