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Importance Of A Good Website

Your website is just as important as your store. It is a place where people can browse your services and decide whether they want to buy from you. The better your website is, the more likely it is to convert. The worse, the more likely it is people will visit it and then leave quickly. There are so many benefits to having a good, regularly updated website. Below are four reasons it’s important to have a good website.



Customer Trust 

One of the first things a customer will do before working with you is taking a look at your website. If your website isn’t up to scratch that can instantly bring up a red flag to them. Websites are essentially an online shopping window for your business. A bit like when you walk down a street and look into a store, if you don’t like it you will move into the next. Trust is important as with it they will recommend you to their friends and family as well as use you again. 

Rank Higher On Google 

Google takes many things into account when deciding where your website should rank on its search engine. By having a good website and working to improve web vitals you will find that your rankings will be better. This will then lead to more traffic being sent to your website, which then leads to an increase in your revenue. Website load speed, mobile optimization, and how regularly you update your content are just a few of many things that Google will look into. 

Improve Conversion Rate 

Do you track what happens when a customer lands on your website? Do they click around on your pages and get in touch, or stay on for a few seconds and leave? By improving your website and taking into account a user journey you can work on improving your conversion rate. The more people that land on your website and call, the more successful you could say your website is being. If your site isn’t updated you may find you get traffic but it doesn’t convert into people calling you. Improving your website could be part of your 2021 success plan. 

Keep Up With Your Competitors 

If you aren’t regularly updating your website you could find yourself falling behind your competitors. Many of your competitors will have a budget set aside to update their website and increase traffic and engagement with their customers. If you aren’t doing this yourself you could find your current customer base will be tempted to move over to your competitor as they may be offering a better service. It’s always important to do some competitor research to see how other companies are doing and what they are doing with their website. 


What reasons do you have for having a website? Do you regularly update your website? Have we missed anything that you think is important within the above? Let us know in the comment box below, we would love to hear from you.

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