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How Your Morning Routine Can Transform Your Approach To Business


Success in business is anything but an accident. When you have a clear vision of what success means to you, and you’re willing to work hard to realise it, that’s when you’re on track for success. And yet sometimes the hardest part is finding the focus and the motivation to keep going, in the face of challenges or just over a long period of time. In situations like that, science tells us that success can be found in our keystone habits – the daily routines which seem small but which actually form a life. And that’s why your morning and evening routines are so important in setting the tone for positive moves during your working day. Get those right, and you’re setting yourself up for all the other important decisions you will have to make during the course of a day. So, how do you build success into your A.M life? 

Take Some Time For The Mind

Running your own business requires a huge amount of mental fortitude. Whether it’s learning to shelve anxiety about winning new clients or securing funding, avoiding decision fatigue from the sheer number of daily choices, showing emotional resilience when you need to focus, becoming much more productive than you ever thought possible or even just running a huge to do list filled with everything from creating a marketing strategy to sourcing printing services or chasing up delayed invoices, it can feel like the life of an entrepreneur is severely lacking in peace. For the sake of your wellbeing, learning some controlled breathing techniques, a little meditation or even just downloading a mindfulness app and taking the first fifteen minutes of your day to rest and refresh your thinking can be transformative, and keeps your mind clear. 

Prioritise Your Tasks

Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day, and everything feels urgent. This generally results in a panicked state where you either attempt to multi-task to the detriment of quality, or jump ineffectually from job to job. Using a prioritisation matrix each day to assess and allocate incoming tasks makes a huge difference, especially if you also take a moment to reflect on your company mission and values before. That way, you can see where all the tasks you have fits into your overall advancement. 

Refuel Your Body

At the same time that you need to prepare your mind, you also need to take account of your body. Fuel your body the right way with protein and vegetables or fruit – overnight oats, an omelette with red peppers and spinach or a fruit salad with some Greek yoghurt will start things off right. It also stops the mid-morning blood sugar crash which has you reaching for the biscuit tin and can mess up your productivity for the whole day. 

Resist The Email Trap

However tempting, you should try your best to avoid falling into the trap of checking your emails on your smartphone as soon as you wake up, or even first thing at the office. The hours before lunch are some of your most naturally productive ones, so don’t waste them on getting drawn into things which don’t fir your own plan for the day. Make it your habit to complete two or three planned tasks before checking your inbox.

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