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How to Influence Consumer Choice on Your Website

Consumer behavior studies the mental and behavioral aspects associated with the purchase and use of goods and services. It is an area of study that brings together the fields of marketing, psychology, and sociology. Data gathered from consumer behavior studies has been used in business since the 1940s and 50s. 

In the digital era, almost every aspect of business generates data that can be measured, stored, and analyzed. The increase in e-commerce and online-based business means that we now have a tremendous amount of information regarding the behavior of customers online. 

Due to the abundance of consumer information that is now available, many companies have put data at the forefront of all decision making. Using data analytics, companies can take actions in all areas of the business that have an influence on customers’ buying behavior. 

As the face and identity of many modern businesses, a website can have a huge influence on consumer decision making. It is your best tool for customer engagement. Here are five great ways to influence consumer choice on your website. 

1.Make the user feel

Tapping into customers’ emotions is an effective way of influencing their decision making. Visuals such as colors and fonts can combine to great effect in accessing particular areas of the subconscious. 

Aligning the core message of your brand with the color scheme and visual appearance of your site helps deliver a clear message to the consumer. The psychology of color in marketing can be highly influential and increase conversion rates. 

2. Use familiar patterns

When it comes to the core structure and design of your site, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Internet users are programmed to absorb website information in a particular pattern. Ensure that the basic layout follows a common structure. 

A common visual pattern for scanning webpages is known as the “Z pattern.” Web users scan from top left to bottom right, in a z shape. Visual cues such as a company logo are usually present in each of the points along the “z” shape. 

With a familiar pattern in place, you can strategically place other functions, call-to-action, and content that will grab the attention of the user. 

3. Utilize space

Don’t cramp a page on your website with too much information. Such clutter can make the user uncomfortable, causing them to leave your site.

Using blank spaces gives the user a sense of relaxation. With added space, you can draw their attention to important areas of the page more effectively. 

4. Use specialized landing pages

Strategic landing pages are very effective at increasing conversions, particularly in B2B circles. Landing pages can be designed specifically for a particular target, maximizing your chances of making a sale. 

There are comprehensive landing page builders out there that can help you create an influential page. Read the review to find one that’s best suited to your business. 

5. Professional copywriting

Excellent copywriting is perhaps the most effective way to influence customer choice. Professional copywriters specialize in writing with the intention of selling. Failing to address this can be detrimental to business.

If your website is optimized using high-quality copy, it automatically enhances the impression of your business in the mind of the consumer. Strategic copy can guide the customer through your site, encouraging them to behave as you wish.

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