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How to Get Ahead in the Construction Industry

You’re likely reading this because you forged a career in the construction industry, but you want to progress through the ranks. The trouble is, you’re unsure what are the best paths for achieving such a goal.

Whether you want a management role or perhaps wish to side-step into a more senior position, there are a few ideas you can try. Here are some actionable steps you can take to help you get ahead in the construction industry, irrespective of your current job or location:

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Gain Some Qualifications

You might be thinking to yourself that you’ve already got the qualifications necessary to do your job. But, are your existing qualifications any good for other roles you wish to pursue in the future? If the answer’s no, it’s time to increase your qualifications and skills set.

For example, a construction management degree can be helpful if you’d like to manage projects and sites, either generally or from a health and safety perspective. Plus, you can also transfer your management skills to non-construction industry jobs in the future.

Have you got an idea in mind of the types of jobs you’d wish to apply for? If so, it makes sense to research what skills and qualifications you need for them. Your existing ones will serve as a foundation; build on that to have the best chance of moving up the ranks in your career.

Arm Yourself With Business Cards

If you haven’t already got some business cards with your details printed on them, now’s the time to get that done. Why? The answer’s simple: you can distribute your business cards to other people in the industry that could help you progress your career.

Networking is always an excellent idea as you’ll come across all kinds of people in your line of work. It might even surprise you that some of those individuals whom you initially thought were unlikely as contacts could give your career the boost you want for it.

Join Some Trade Associations

Another fantastic idea is to join some trade associations if you haven’t already done so. That’s because they are another way to network with other people, including those involved with hiring new people or looking out for new contractors to work on future projects.

What’s more, trade associations will help you stay abreast of any developments or changes in the construction industry that can impact the work you do now or the type of work you wish to do in the future.

Create a LinkedIn Profile

Last but not least, you will undoubtedly know that LinkedIn is a social network exclusively for professionals. What’s great about LinkedIn is that it’s also an online version of your resume available to people in the construction industry.

LinkedIn lets you connect with people, similar to how you’d add friends on Facebook or follow people on Twitter. The platform is also suitable for seeking new job opportunities and learning more about what goes on in the construction industry.

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