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How The Workplace Learning Will Change Post-Pandemic

While learning in the workplace used to be done in a very standardized way, the pandemic certainly has changed things. Now that many more people are working remotely, things are changing for learning too.


How will things change in a post-pandemic world?


Remote Working


As of a year or so ago, the world changed. Many of us were unable to work in our usual workplaces and offices. Some of us could work remotely and then some of us just were unable to work at all.


Whereas things then started to change and then most of us began to work remotely as standard. Because of this, many leaders are starting to believe that remote working, and learning as a result of that, can be of a benefit.


Benefits Of Distance Learning


Of course, there are always going to be benefits of distance learning for both businesses and employees.


It’s cost-effective compared to in-person training

It’s more accessible as you don’t have to be based in a specific location

The experience can seem more democratized

It’s a more flexible offering


However, there can also be a lack of socialisation this way, along with remote learning. So it could be important to blend both options.


For more information on this topic, please check out the infographic below.


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