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Get In Touch With Why Mobile Phones Aren’t The Contactless Solution Your Business Needs

The business sphere is a very different beast today to how it was just a year ago, and priorities have shifted right along with it. For office workers and the like, remote working is now the buzz word of the century, and teams are having to adjust to new communications and risks because of that. 

For other industries, such as construction, business success in 2021 looks a lot different still. After all, remote work isn’t exactly possible, yet safety must still be at the forefront. Enter contactless communication.

By making it possible for teams to interact without the risk of face-to-face, construction managers are finding ways to stay afloat. In fact, as with the remote switch elsewhere, many are finding that these methods, when implemented right, can bring ease that’s otherwise unheard of. 

The problem is that the speed with which implementation has been necessary means many businesses aren’t doing contactless right, and it shows. Namely, construction sites are struggling where teams are relying on their mobiles for communication.

This might have served until now, but, while mobiles certainly soar up the business rankings elsewhere, they simply aren’t reliable enough for construction communications right at the moment. Rather, teams need to think about alternative options like the two-way radios offered by Altech Electronics Inc. which allow for a much smoother communication journey. But you don’t need to take our word for it. Simply keep reading to find out why letting your team rely on their mobiles could soon make your life a misery. 


No speed to serve your needs

Mobile phones fall pretty flat on the efficiency front. This is especially the case in construction, where teams may need to communicate from up scaffolding, or with mud-covered hands. Fiddling with touch screens just isn’t practical! By comparison, the one-touch nature of walkie talkies and other business-specific radio setups is sure to make everyone’s lives a whole lot better. 



Communication on a must-know basis

Rather than being able to chat with anyone at any time, teams relying on their smartphones will only be able to call a limited number of colleagues, if any. What’s more, data compliance regulations mean that you can’t just publish a list of numbers for everyone to save in case of emergencies. This can lead to communication silos, or an inability to bridge physical gaps altogether. 


Power taken out of your hands

The BYOD nature of mobile usage poses issues of its own, especially from a control point of view. After all, with communications changing, there are increasing risks on unsecured networks, and personal devices are the heart of the problem. This is why remote teams are increasingly turning to secure end-point networks, and it’s why you could do with keeping mobiles out of your communication mix in place of in-house solutions on guaranteed secure networks. 

These are trying times, and sometimes there’s a temptation to take the easy route. But, as you can see, cutting corners on communication right now will cost you, especially in the ever-evolving construction sphere.

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