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Five Signs Your Job Is A Pain In The Neck – Literally!

One of the most common aches of the office worker is the ache that comes in the neck from sitting at odd angles for a long period of time. Working at a desk is part and parcel of the job for most office workers, but it doesn’t mean that you should have to sit in pain every day. Neck pain is common, but if you are wondering whether it’s your job that’s causing you that pain, you need to keep reading.

Kevin Lucas is an expert who works with those in chronic pain, and if you need help, that’s the place to ask. However, it can help to learn where the pain is starting so that you can eliminate it from the ground up. Below, we’ve got some of the ways your job could be causing you that pain in the neck.

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  1. Poor posture at your desk. Sitting all day can make it difficult to maintain a proper posture – it’s very easy to slump when you’re at your desk. Staying in one position is going to lead to muscle fatigue, too, and as you actively work to ensure that your spine is straight, you can become more exhausted. This can lead to neck strain as you try to remain upright. The good news is that there are simple stretches that’ll make a big difference.
  2. Your desk could be wrong. Speak to your boss about getting some ergonomic furniture for your workspace. The height and angle of your desk could be causing you some issues with pain in your neck, which can cause you even more pain elsewhere in your body. Keeping your knees and elbows as close to a 90 degree bend as possible is going to ensure that you reduce any risk of strain in the nec. You can’t always control the height of the keyboard, but you can control the height of the desk with the right one.
  3. Keep the monitor eye level. If you need to, add a little height to your monitor to keep it at eye level. If you can look straight ahead at the monitor, you are going to be in a better position to avoid straining your neck. Looking down at a phone screen can cause bad neck pain, and the same is said for looking at your monitor for long periods when you are looking down.
  4. You need a good chair. Yes, your chair is going to impact the pain in your neck. You should be feeling comfortable and confident when you are seated at the office and it’s much easier to do so when you are sitting in the right chair. Some chairs stop at the mid back area and you should make sure that your management team has provided you with the right chairs to keep you at the right height. This will prevent you from straining your neck and making you feel more comfortable.
  5. Stress can cause it. If you are feeling stressed in the office, you can find your muscles are more tense and they then seize up! Destressing will help!

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