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Encouraging A Group Dynamic In Your Office

Businesses are made up of teams. You have little groups of people that work together to achieve the same goals. As such, you must have a strong dynamic within these groups. Everyone needs to be on the same page, ensuring that your company is productive and everyone gets along. How can you do this? It’s relatively easy, there are only a few things that you have to tweak. 

Alter your office layout

It’s hard to encourage a group dynamic if your teams are spaced out around the office. It creates distance between members of the team, not to mention the fact it’s wildly unproductive. To alter this, you should consider some office cubicles. Here, you can bring teams together in a more confined space. All the employees in a group will be sitting near one another in the cubicle. It encourages them to talk and liaise with one another more than usual. They see each other every day, and it really strengthens their bond. As a result, the group dynamic improves. 

Set team goals

You should already have company goals that everyone strives towards. However, these are more general goals for the whole business. To encourage a group dynamic, you should give your teams goals that they have to achieve. Each team has a specific weekly goal that they must attain. You could even create some friendly competition by rewarding the team that reaches their goal first – or whoever exceeds their targets best. This makes team members work together to achieve the goals as best as they can. It also adds a competitive spirit to the whole office, with all your teams eager to see who comes out on top. When you make people work towards a collective goal within a group, they start being way more efficient and productive. It’s one of the best ways to improve the group environment. 

Adriana Girdler – Team bonding exercise video

Create team bonding exercises

Now and then, you should have a break from work. This doesn’t mean everyone goes home and has a day off, it means you put your mind to different tasks that still benefit the business. For example, you go out and have team building sessions. Create different exercises that make your teams work together and become closer. There are so many different team bonding exercises or ideas out there. It’s also a proven way of bringing people together in your business. When they return to the office for regular tasks, they will feel much closer and more in-tune with one another. Plus, team building days help everyone in the business buy into the company culture. It makes them all feel like valued members of the overall team, and they enjoy the break from regular office work. 

Your business depends on all the different groups working together within the organization. Too many companies fail because there isn’t a strong enough group dynamic in the office. Don’t let this happen to you! Work on encouraging a group dynamic to create an office environment that’s full of productivity and synergy.

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