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Eliminating Risk From Cyber Threats During The Pandemic

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As working from home becomes a long-term work situation, the issue of information security of the organization increases. As long as the employees worked from the office, they were under the very tight (usually) protection of the organization’s information security, which was managed by the company’s support and computer professionals. Now that the vast majority or all of the organization’s employees are continuing to work from home after lockdown easing, it is necessary to secure the computers they work with from home, as well as communication between the home and the organization’s computers and servers.Working from home creates a double risk on information security: one risk is on employees’ home computers. These are computers that all members of the household use. That is, these computers also use children who may log on to sites that have spyware and phishing, or open links that contain malicious code. The second risk is due to a breach of the infrastructure that connects the home computer to the computers and servers of the organization – From your home router to your corporate network.

Cyber attacks damage company’s reputation 

Hacks with malicious code can cause serious damage to your organization in many areas. One of these areas, for example, is the databases that are reserved in the organization, where employees’ personal information is located, including salary levels, photos of employees, details of their bank accounts, profession, role in the organization, their professional and/or managerial background, their seniority, their address and phone numbers, and many other details. Stealing the details of so many employees from one database could put employees at risk of identity theft. This is why you must consider secure file sharing.

Protecting products and services

Another area that an organization needs to protect against is the databases of the organization’s products and services. Everything related to technologies, patents in development that have not yet been patented, etc. Any database related to the development of products and services, the organization’s professional progress, products and services that have not yet been released, etc., may be a target for espionage. Therefore, it is very important to establish a cybersecurity system in an organization that will prevent the burglars from accessing. A third domain that may fall victim to a malicious code attack is all the organizational knowledge accumulated over the years. Each organization has databases of knowledge collected over the years that enable the organization to defeat its competitors.

All the knowledge that allows the organization to differentiate itself from the competitors, including knowledge accumulated as a result of correcting mistakes made, knowledge accumulated thanks to the training that the organization sent its employees to and knowledge generated from the organization’s experience. All that knowledge must be protected under lock and key. If you do not adhere to these regulations then you could lose more than information but rather, your money and your reputation. Many companies do not easily bounce back following an attack, therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry!

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