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Does Your Conference Room Send The Right Message About Your Business?

The conference room is a staple in most office buildings, but have you considered what it says about your business and your brand?


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The physical space that you create gives an impression about your business and the conference room, in particular, needs to be a representation of the values that you want your company to embody. It’s a space that is used for board meetings, employee meetings, and hosting clients. If you are sending the wrong message, you can seriously damage your brand and potentially jeopardize valuable relationships with clients. 

It’s important to consider the functionality of the room as well as the design, so your conference room sends the message that you want it to. But how exactly can you do that? 

Choosing The Right Name

Most conference rooms are simple numbered rooms or they might just be called ‘conference room.’ People don’t consider how much impact the name of the conference room has, but as soon as somebody enters, they are already making a judgment about your business. So, think about what is most valuable to your business and reflect that in the name. For example, you could designate it as a ‘creative hub,’ instead of a conference room. This immediately demonstrates that creativity and innovation are core values in your business. You could call it ‘the engine room,’ if you want to show people that your company is a practical, efficient operation that understands the role of each employee and how they work together as a whole. These are just examples, of course, and you need to think carefully about your own business and what it represents when naming your conference room. 

Picking And Arranging Furniture

The furniture that you choose and the way that you arrange it in your conference room says a lot about your business. Investing in the best executive chair options is always a good start because it demonstrates a level of quality and professionalism, plus it keeps people comfortable. But if you are trying to portray your business as a modern, forward-thinking organization, you may want to move away from the traditional central table and chair setup. Instead, opt for a more flexible, collaborative space that can be adapted for different situations. Even the material that your table is made from says something about your company. For example, if sustainability is a core value, why not go for a reclaimed wood table? 

Decorating In A Way That Reflects Your Brand

If people walk into a boring room with white walls and no personality, you’re not telling people anything about your business. Instead, you need to choose decor that reflects your brand. Once you have decided on a color scheme for your brand, use this as the basis for your decor. You can then paint the company logo or even a motto that embodies your key values. This is a brilliant way to immediately tell people what your company is all about. 

If you have neglected your conference room, it’s time to shake things up because it says a lot about your business and you need to make sure it sends the right message.

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