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Choosing Office Space: 5 Factors To Consider

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There’s a lot to consider when choosing office space. Here are five of the biggest factors to take into account when office-hunting. 


Firstly, you should decide on your budget. If you’re renting office space, you’ll need to have a maximum monthly lease cost in mind. If you’re buying – or even building – your own property, you’ll need to consider mortgage rates and down payments costs.

Utility costs are also worth considering. There’s been a growing interest in green buildings, both because of the positive environmental impact and lower energy costs. Such buildings may contain features such as solar panels, greywater recycling systems or good insulation to help reduce energy consumption.

Property taxes, property insurance and maintenance costs could also be worth factoring into your budget.


Your office needs to be in the right location. It needs to be accessible – both for you, your employees and any clients that may want to visit (good transport links and on-site parking could be features to look out for). You also want to ensure that the neighbourhood is clean, secure and that there are no local natural hazards such as flooding.

The best areas are generally more expensive, so you may have to make a couple compromises if you’re on a tight budget.


There needs to be enough space for you and your employees to work comfortably. If you’re a growing business, you may also want to consider space for growth. A larger office will generally be more expensive, but it could depend on the location.

How the space is configured could also be important to consider. If you need a lot of space for collaboration, an office building with lots of individual rooms may not be appropriate. You may also need specific space for meetings or equipment, so bear this in mind.


Your office also needs to have suitable facilities for your needs. This could include a suitable number of sockets, good lighting, in-built security features, disabled access and fire safety features. Bathroom and kitchen facilities could also be important if you’ve got employees.

You may be able to add certain amenities yourself, although this is likely to cost more and could be made difficult by certain property restrictions. Prioritise the facilities that you need over those that you want.


You need to be sure that there are no legal restrictions in place that could get in the way of your work needs. If you’re renting office space off a landlord, you may have restrictions in terms of renovating the office – this could include everything from painting the walls to adding new carpet. Owning an office could give you more freedom, however you may still have certain building code to abide by when renovating. Research this beforehand so that you’re not limited as to how you use your office space.

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