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Can Office Decor Really Affect Productivity?

If you’re looking to make a true cultural change in your workplace, you can’t rely solely on changing one aspect of the office. The decor alone isn’t going to make a huge difference. However, if you’re trying to foster a more productive and energetic workplace, it can have a large part to play in the overall effort.


Lighting is essential

There are a lot of reasons that even, bright lighting throughout is necessary. Natural light, where possible, is recommended. However, natural daylight systems like can work almost as well. Good lighting prevents the eyestrain associated with working with digital display monitors, and it has also been shown to decrease the likelihood of suffering stress in the workplace and to generally make people a lot more energetic, which is essential.

Keep it clean and simple

You might think that a bright, creative look that’s engaging, be it with patterns, murals, or other, can help invigorate your team. However, the truth is that keep it simple and unified in its look is often more recommended. Concrete cladding like the offerings from could be more effective. A lighter look but the use of clean, professional materials sets the right kind of stage for work to be done.

Bring some nature in

As mentioned, there’s nothing wrong with a little color added to the workplace. Making “green” that color has been shown to be beneficial in a lot of ways. Office plants are said to reduce stress and to increase positivity. Furthermore, the right plants can help improve the air quality in the office, which can even reduce sickness and absence rates. Most importantly, they look fresh and lively, and your team can feel that rubbing off on them as well.

Let people mind their own space

If you work in a modular office where people can work flexibly in multiple zones, then this tip isn’t going to apply to you. However, if each of your team members has their own cubicle or desk space, then it’s important that they’re able to decorate it a little to make themselves feel more at home. Consistently, people who are allowed some measure of control over their own environment tend to be a lot happier with their workplace.

A little motivation goes a long way

It might seem like it’s pretty cliche, but motivational messages have been proven to work for a lot of people. Not just messages, but the right choices of artwork can do the same thing. It can help break the visual monotony of the workplace without being too distracting. Just make sure you choose wall decor that actually engages you, and take a look at collections like those shown at to get some inspiration

As we stated above, a lick of paint and a few plants aren’t going to be enough to transform your workplace. However, your team will work in and breathe in the environment that surrounds them, so you shouldn’t be surprised when a drab, lifeless office makes them feel drab and lifeless, too.

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