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Making Your Mark! 3 Ways To Spark Intrigue in Your Business Contemporaries

Image – CC0 License  The key to achieving success in business might seem to be all about getting that edge. And as nice as it is to have that friendly competition from time to time, we must remember that our contemporaries are more likely the people that have been there and done that! This means…

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How to Breathe New Life Into Your Business

Running a business requires plenty of time and energy to make it a success. When you first started your business, you were probably motivated by the excitement of the new challenge. However, dedicating so much time to building your business can take its toll; you may find yourself falling out of love with it. It…

Back and Neck Pain Tips For Office Workers

Many office workers go home every night after a long day at a desk with back and neck pain. Back pain can be very difficult to live with, especially if you’re struggling to get relief from the discomfort. If you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, this can be part of the…

Should You Streamline Your Supply Chain?

It doesn’t matter whether you operate a small business and only have a couple of employees. Nor does it make any difference if you run a large multinational or international corporation. In any event, your business will need to purchase materials to turn into complete products. Or, you might use the items you buy to…

Improve Your Business With Brain Science

Learning How To Learn  In school, we are generally taught to memorize material and remember it for an exam. You might remember spending hours doing this at university, but we now know that it’s an extremely inefficient way to learn: our brains are simply not made for this kind of rote memorization. It is much…

Finding The Ideal Venue For Your Work Christmas Party

The end of year Christmas party is something all employees look forward to. It is a chance to blow off some steam and enjoy a night full of fun, drinking, and dancing with the people you see on a daily basis in your professional environment.  There are a whole host of different aspects and factors…

Could This Be The Right Time To Expand?

As some businesses are beginning to show signs of collapse, you should be wary of the opportunities that are cropping up, where once there was nothing but sound stability. As more and more businesses downscale, various opportunities will begin to show in the form of expansion. You could offer your employees parking spaces, so they…

What Exactly Does an IT Support Company Do?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels   If you have realized that you need IT support for your business, it means you have some idea of what IT support services can do for you. However, you may not be aware of everything that you can gain by hiring this type of service.   An IT…

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Are you curious? Is your organization?

Curiosity: a strong desire to know or learn something

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Teach Employees the Business of your Business

Your employees are making decisions right now. How do they now the best ones if they don’t know the business of your business?

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Transparent thinking

To make this a reality, leaders need to develop transparent thinking in themselves and their team members.

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Are you clear on success in 2021?

  Roger Bannister set out to become the first athlete to break the four-minute mile. “Experts” told him it was impossible.  Some even suggested he was risking death; doctors told him his heart would explode! Not only did Bannister not die, but the week after he broke the barrier another runner followed in his footsteps,…

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Are You Preparing to Win in 2021 or Just Continuing to Work Hard?

No doubt 2020 was a challenging year in so many ways. Whether you were busier than you ever dreamed because market conditions changed in your favor, or you were shut down, had supply chains completely disrupted, or found your customers were negatively impacted, 2020 tested us at work. And that doesn’t even begin to cover…

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Top Workforce Issues

Effective business management requires balancing the big picture with the details.

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Lead the Possible, Not the Probable

Today’s uncertain and volatile business landscape calls for new ways of thinking and working. So why do most companies attempt to solve problems and manage massive change in the wrong manner? A lot of it has to do with the way the human brain works. Our brains love certainty and predictability. So when faced with…

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The Next Next

Individual and organizational brains in constant, unexpected change If you are like many, you were certain in April that by June we would see a settling in to the ‘new normal’.  And then in May, once again, many of us were sure that by the end of June, our norms would be reset, and we…

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Keeping Employees Connected

During times of uncertainty, human beings seek community and safety, and many find it in the workplace. Work typically provides a much-needed sense of stability and control over at least one aspect of our lives when everything else has gone topsy-turvy. Yet, millions of people have lost their jobs, either temporarily or permanently, due to…

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Executing with Excellence in Uncertainty

Why is it so hard to keep up with the pace of change these days? Some ascribe it to the overwhelming amount of information we try to process every day. Others point to the rapid pace of change. Both are partly to blame. But the primary reason is our brains were not constructed to work…

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How to Use Your Brain During Unexpected Change

The human brain is an amazing tool. But there’s one thing it doesn’t handle very well – change. Especially change of the magnitude brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nobody saw this virus coming, but it has turned our world upside down. Our challenge as leaders is how we respond to it – a task…

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Strategic Agility – 3 keys to getting clear in ambiguity

In today’s hyper-paced and chaotic world, few things are more important to success than the ability to respond quickly to sudden changes in external forces, market conditions, or customer needs. Whether the disruption comes from a pandemic, the introduction of a new technology, a new competitor that nobody saw coming, or drastic changes in economic…

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Why We Need Adversity

Are you feeling like everything is out of control; like you can’t imagine a successful future right now; like the wheels keep falling off the bus over and over again; like the other shoe is about to drop… When the going gets tough, the tough get going. It’s an old cliché. And like most clichés,…

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Beating Your Biases: How to Become Your Own Devil’s Advocate

In our culture, the word “bias” holds a decidedly negative connotation. Not surprising considering the definition of the word: prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair. Nobody wants to be considered prejudiced or unfair. As business leaders striving to lead our organizations to success,…

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Is Your “Smart” Phone Making You 25% Dumber?

According to a recent study, the answer is yes. In fact, it’s doing it to all of us – even when we consciously ignore our phones. Today’s smart phones have become such an integral part of our daily lives that most of us feel uncomfortable without them. More than just a portable tool for talking…

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Rearrange Your Brain to Win

As business leaders, we have many tools at our disposal to produce the results our organizations need to win. As the world moves at an ever faster pace and the demands placed on today’s leaders increase, I’m convinced the most important tool is developing an elite brain. By elite brain, I don’t necessarily mean being…

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Are You Productive or Just Busy?

In our fast-paced world we’re all busy, to the point where we spend time we swear we don’t have to complain about how busy we are. At the same time, “busy-ness” feels good because it seems like we’re getting stuff done. The question is, are we getting done what we need to get done day…

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