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Are you making the most money from your blog?

Making money from blogs is quickly becoming a popular way to earn money. Many people are now monetizing on blogs that they’ve had for many years. However, you can still make money even if you haven’t owned a blog for a long time, and here are a few ways you can do this.

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 1-  Effective marketing

The easiest way is to make sure that you are marketing your blog correctly. Marketing a blog does not include big payouts for marketing companies as you can do everything yourself.  Making sure you hit the correct consumer market for your blog and the content within your blog will do you wonders. You don’t always have to have a large, stable and consistent viewing number to earn yourself money. Have you ever heard of a domain authority? Domain authority or DA is basically the URL of your blog, and you can own these. Buying your domain authority is inexpensive but it does have a yearly update fee, which ranges between $8-15. Domain Authority is ranked in numbers from 1 upwards, and your DA will increase with the number of backlinks your blog has. 

Backlinks are where another blog has linked to your blog. It’s as simple as that, although unfortunately, one backlink does not equal your DA increasing. There are multiple groups on Facebook and other social media platforms where you can share your posts with others, and with them linking to your blog you will organically grow your domain authority ranking.

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2-  Advertisements

The first way that people started making money off blogs was by using advertisements. These came in different formats such as; banners, pop-ups and videos. Originally, blog owners couldn’t specify which type of adverts they would have or even like on their blogs. For example, if a blogger signed up to an advertisement agency, they would be in control of the adverts that your blog visitors would see. However, over time bloggers have developed more autonomy over their blogs, and are now able to choose which adverts they are happy to share with their followers. This can be done through video content management software and centralised programmes where you can control all your adverts from one site. Using this type of management means you can be in control of what your readers are being exposed to.

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3-  Guest Posts

If you have a sizeable DA number or a large number of regular viewers, you can be paid for other bloggers to post guest posts onto your blog. Now, this may sound peculiar. Why would somebody want to pay ME to advertise THEM? This is because guest posts are another form of backlinking. Guest posts are typically copied and pasted from the owner’s blogs and link to them from your blog unless you have a very specific niche. If you have a high DA number, more people are going to want to be advertised from your blog as it will draw up their DA number. This is a relatively untapped market, and as long as the guest post fits within the content type that you promote on your blog there is no reason why this should not be a passive form of income for you.

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