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A Pause to Say Thank You


2014 was quite the year for The Human Factor, Inc.!

As usual, it included a lot of learning and adapting on our part to make sure we’re still meeting your needs and fully supporting your success.  For example, we launched the neuroprompt subscription series (, a fun and convenient way to prompt yourself to pause and focus on winning continuously. We also continued our strategic agility sessions with companies that are serious about winning.

Throughout the year I had the opportunity to work with private, public, and non-profit organizations in just about every sector and of just about every size. I supported many of these clients in achieving and maintaining strategic agility – the ability to move fast with focus and flexibility in rapidly changing markets. I learn a lot from my clients. And I constantly get reminded that no matter what size or type of business, we’re all struggling with the same issues – first and foremost being how to slow down just enough to pause and get focused on winning when everything in our world is telling us to just run!

I also had the opportunity to speak at numerous state, national and international conferences, including 50 cities across the U.S., London, and even Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I continued to share practical tips and techniques to help others use their brains to win, create and build winning teams, innovate every day, and practice elite leadership.

The highlight of my speaking engagements this year came from developing and co-presenting a program with Mike Carey, senior NFL referee and CBS officiating expert, on Being Elite. In addition to being one of the NFL’s most respected referees, Mike also runs a very successful winter sportswear manufacturing business. His insights on building winning teams always resonate with our audiences.

Continuing our tradition of promoting ongoing thought leadership, The Human Factor Inc. published in more than 50 websites, ezines, magazines and other print publications in 2014. I also sat in on numerous radio talk shows as a featured guest.

On the personal, side, I spent two fun weeks in Scotland, and explored many cities in the U.S. by finally doing what I always said I would do – add an extra day to my business trips to enjoy more than the airport and hotel. And somewhere in the midst of all this, I broke my heel and had to re-learn how to walk – and increase my patience!

We have a lot to be thankful for at The Human Factor, Inc.  I’m especially grateful for the opportunity to work with amazing clients, and to have a fabulous team that pushes me constantly. Our sincere thanks to all of you, and our best wishes to you and your family on this Thanksgiving.

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